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Pokémon Unite: All Battle and Held Items



In Pokémon Unite, Battle Items assist Pokémon with an additional ability to use and only one of these items can be taken into battle. Held Items assist in boosting the Pokémon’s stats and players are allowed to hold three of these Items on the battlefield.

Pokémon Unite: All Battle and Held Items

As Pokémon level up in the game, Battle Items will begin to unlock for Pokémon to use on the battle field and players will be able to purchase Held Items at the Aeos Emporium with either Aeos Coins or Aeos Tickets. Take a look at our complete list of all Battle and Held Items in Pokémon Unite.

Battle Items

Screenshot of Pokémon Unite gameplay
  • Potion (Lev. 3)
    • Restores some the Pokémon’s HP
  • X Attack (Lev. 7)
    • Raises the Pokémon’s Attack and Special Attack for a short time
  • X Speed (Lev. 8)
    • For a short time, increases the players’ Pokémon movement speed and prevents its movement speed from being decreased
  • Fluffy Tail (Lev. 10)
    • Leaves Wild Pokémon unable to act for a short time and also increases damage dealt to those Pokémon
  • Eject Button (Lev. 11)
    • Quickly moves the players’ Pokémon in the designated direction
  • Slow Smoke (Lev. 13)
    • Creates a cloud of smoke that greatly decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokémon for a short time
  • Full Heal (Lev. 14)
    • Removes all status conditions from the players’ Pokémon and makes it immune to hindrances for a short time.
  • Goal-Getter (Lev 16)
    • Doubles goal-scoring speed for a short time

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Held Items

Screenshot of Pokémon Unite gameplay
  • Muscle Band
    • Increases basic attack damage
  • Scope Lens
    • Increases critical-hit damage
  • Shell Bell
    • Restores some of the Pokémon’s HP whenever it successfully lands a move
  • Wise Glasses
  • Energy Amplifier
    • Has the Pokémon deal increased damage to opposing Pokémon for a short time after it uses its Unite Move
  • Float Stone
    • Increases movement speed when out of combat
  • Sp. Atk Specs
    • Increases Sp. Atk after the Pokémon successfully scores a goal
  • Leftovers
    • When the Pokémon is not in combat, it recovers one percent of its max HP every second
  • Rocky Helmet
    • Deals damage to nearby opposing Pokémon when the holder receives damage
  • Focus Band
    • Continually restores the Pokémon’s HP for a short time when the Pokémon drops to low HP
  • Buddy Barrier
    • Grants a shield to the Pokémon and to nearby allies with the lowest HP when the Pokémon uses its Unite Move
  • Score Shield
    • Grants a shield while the Pokémon is attempting to score a goal
  • Aeos Cookie
    • Increases max HP after the Pokémon successfully scores a goal
  • Attack Weight
    • Increases Attack after the Pokémon successfully scores a goal
  • Exp. Share
    • Increases the Pokémon’s passive Exp. Point gain while it has the fewest Exp. Points on its team. The Pokémon will only receive Exp. Points if it deals the final blow when defeating wild Pokémon.
  • Assault Vest
    • When the Pokémon is not in combat, grants it a shield that nullifies Sp. Atk damage

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