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Pokemon UNITE’s Espeon Can Be Unlocked for Free



Espeon will soon be arriving in Pokemon UNITE on 16th May and can be unlocked for free through a special event. The new Pokemon can also be acquired for 575 Aeos Gems through the in-game shop. Aside from acquiring Espeon in Pokemon UNITE for free, the upcoming event will also reward players with in-game resources. The upcoming Pokemon is a ranged Attacker Psychic-type that will evolve from Eevee. Due to having similar base forms, Espeon and Sylveon may have a similar playstyle until they achieve evolution. Pokemon UNITE is yet to reveal the full descriptions of Espeon’s abilities in the game.

Espeon release date in Pokemon UNITE confirmed

According to the official Twitter page of Pokemon UNITE, Espeon is scheduled to be released on 16th May. A Holowear for the upcoming Pokemon will also be made available upon release.

Dataminers revealed that the upcoming Pokemon would cost 575 Aeos Gems to unlock with no information about how much it would cost as Aeos Coins. According to a post from Espeon will be released alongside a special event where players can unlock the new Pokemon for free.

The event will task players with completing a set of missions that shall grant various rewards on top of acquiring Espeon in Pokemon UNITE. The event will kick off on 16th May and will last until 13th June. Until the event concludes, Espeon’s Unite License can only be acquired using a premium currency or through the event. Afterward, it will be obtainable using Aeos Coins.

Players who acquire Espeon’s Unite License before completing the event will be reimbursed with the amount converted into Aeos Coins. This means that players who unlock Espeon using 575 Aeos Gems will acquire a compensation equivalent to it in coins.

Considering how Eevee is one of the most iconic Pokemon in the franchise and in the game, it will be interesting to see how Espeon shapes the meta of Pokemon UNITE.

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