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Poland creates a free game site so young people avoid Coronavirus



Poland creates a free game site so young people avoid Coronavirus


Social restrictions or social distancing is being carried out by many countries in the world. The most effective way is to temporarily stop activities outside the home. The goal is to inhibit the spread of the coronavirus more widely.

However, in fact, not a few people are not ignorant of these restrictions. But the Polish government is not at its wits end to dealing with this, especially with young people.

The trick is to provide a special site that contains free games. Through the site, young children in Poland can play the game Minecraft to their heart’s content and avoid doing activities outside the home.

Launching from Mashable, Tuesday (03/24/2020), one of the ministries in Poland deliberately provides a special Minecraft server. It contains a variety of interactive games, including tournament categories. In it, there is also various education related to the country’s history, which of course is packaged in the form of games.

Not only that, but the local government also pinned various information about the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting from information preventing infection with the virus to instructions so that young children remain at home.

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