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Popular Content Creator ChooxTV Joins ONIC PH’s MPL PH Season 10 Roster



ONIC Philippines (PH) officially announced its roster for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) PH Season 10. The roster is composed of promising rookies from the amateur team Monster Anarchy alongside one of the most iconic personalities in the MLBB esports scene in the region. ONIC PH recently released its squad with Nowee “Ryota” Cabailo being the last remaining member of the previous squad. Its former members are rumored to be joining foreign MLBB teams with Coach Paul Denver “Yeb” Miranda and the star jungler Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol confirmed to have transferred to ONIC Esports Indonesia.

ChooxTV enters the MLBB pro scene alongside Monster Anarchy squad under ONIC PH

Many Filipino MLBB fans are familiar with Edgar “ChooxTv” Dumali. The celebrity is known for his wacky content which involves him using a high-pitched voice while exploring various hero builds. Some would say his playstyle is only good for comedic purposes, but some of his unorthodox builds are considered “a stroke of genius.”

ONIC PH’s Facebook page revealed the team’s official roster for the MPL PH Season 10 on 13th July. The roster surprisingly featured ChooxTv alongside youngbloods from the amateur team Monster Anarchy.

The team is composed of the following members;

  • Edgar “ChooxTv” Dumali

  • Frince Miguel “Frinceee” Ramirez

  • Kenneth “Netskie” Barro

  • Landher “Der” San Gabriel

  • Nowee “Ryota” Macasa

  • Stephen “Sensui” Castillo

  • Jefferdson “Kekedot” Mogol

  • Ralph “Rapidoot” Adrales

Some of the more notable members include Der who is a former TNC Pro Team member. The pro player has returns to the MPL scene under a new banner.

Ryota is the sole survivor of ONIC PH’s purge. He will build the team chemistry with his new squad and show off his abilities in the upcoming season.

Kekedot once played under Signal Ultra back in the MPL PH Season 7. Unfortunately, the team was not able to deliver a solid performance and finished with an upsetting 0-13 tournament standing.

Frinceee, Netskie, Sensui, Rapidoot are promising amateurs who are looking to debut and come into the spotlight for the upcoming tournament.

It shall be most interesting to see how ONIC PH’s revamped roster performs in the upcoming MPL PH Season 10.

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