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‘Popup Dungeon’ Is Releasing Next Month! – Create Your Own Adventure



‘Popup Dungeon’ has been in development for a few years and is finally about to release! This is one I’ve been following for a long time and the demo that released last month just made it worse! ‘Popup Dungeon’ is a papercraft roguelike RPG that lets you create any weapon, ability, enemy, hero, and game imaginable.

The ability to literally create anything and adventure through your own dungeons really impresses me and it’s a bit like ‘Dungeons of Dragons’ on Steam. Except you can create your own character paper-models and you can create your own spells! If you a fan of DND, you should definitely look forward to this title.

‘Popup Dungeon’ Is Releasing Next Month! – Create Your Own Adventure

The game includes fast-paced rogue-like runs, multiple story-driven campaigns, and hand-crafted challenges! Tie a few nodes together to create your own games; from classic RPG adventures to personality quizzes and interactive fiction, you can do it all — no programming knowledge necessary! The only thing we haven’t heard of yet is how much this title will cost!

Even with the multiple campaigns and game modes, it will definitely be better with friends! Imagine playing a DND game by yourself. ‘Popup Dungeon’ would be a blast to play with friends and see what all your friends create for skills and weapons.

‘Popup Dungeon’ will release on Steam next month, August 12, 2020! We are unsure of the price currently.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to ‘Popup Dungeon’? Let us know in the comments below.

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