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Portugal again requires the use of mask and covid-19 test for travelers



Less than two months after the removal of most restrictions in Covid-19, the government of Portugal took a step back and decided, Thursday 25, to re-impose a series of measures to contain the increase in infections in the country – following the trend of the European continent.

From December 1st, wearing a mask will again be compulsory in confined spaces. It will also be necessary to present a digital certificate proving vaccination or recovery of covid-19 for entry to restaurants, cinemas and hotels, and even vaccinated people will need a negative test to visit hospitals, nursing homes. retirement, sporting events, bars and nightclubs.

In addition, all passengers entering the country by air will need to test negative for covid-19, even those who have already been immunized. The penalties for airlines that allow people to board without the test will also be strengthened, with a fine of 20,000 euros (R $ 124,750.00) per passenger or even the suspension of a passenger’s license to fly in the territory. national.

To comply with the measure, the government said it would tighten checks at airports and use private security companies to systematically check that all passengers follow the rules. Currently, the procedure is done randomly.

With an 86% vaccination rate, Portugal started lifting restrictions about two months ago. However, the recent increase in the number of covid-19 cases has compelled the government to act, according to the prime minister. Antonio costa.

Despite the reimposition of restrictions, however, Costa said the spread of the pandemic in the country is not keeping up with the scale of cases seen in other parts of the country. Europe.

Officially, 3,150 new cases were recorded Thursday in the country, with 691 people hospitalized, including 103 in intensive care, and about fifteen deaths. The level is much higher than that recorded in early November, when more than 500 new cases were recorded per day, the number of hospitalizations exceeded just over 360 people – including 60 in intensive care – and five deaths. Since the start of the pandemic, 18,400 people have died from the disease in Portugal.

“We need to be on constant alert and monitor developments, and seek to anticipate when possible to control the pandemic,” Costa said.

Still according to the Prime Minister, the measures are necessary due to certain factors, such as the increase in cases in other countries of the European Union, the approach of winter – which brings more respiratory infections – and because families will be in close contact over Christmas.

The government has also recommended that the Portuguese take regular tests and work from home where possible, but officials deny the need for a national lockdown at this time./ AP and EFE

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