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Pre-registration opens for gorgeous dress up RPG, Dress Up! Time Princess | Articles



Dress Up! Time Princess is an upcoming RPG from IGG that’s looking to appeal to the predominantly untapped female market. It promises players unmatched dress-up elements alongside a lovely art style and excellent story experience.

The narrative sees players visiting their Grandpa in Paradise Town where they soon discover a dusty old lectern that acts as a gateway between our world and the world of fiction. This leads them to 18th century Versailles where they’ll have to battle against the chaos that threatens the kingdom and the lives of the characters you meet there.

Each world players visit will have its own sense of style to immerse themselves in where they’ll be able to dress up their character with a range of highly detailed outfits and accessories. It’s all highly customisable with a host of styles, patterns and colours to choose from to give it a personal feel.

It’s all presented with beautiful 3D graphics that help bring your character and by extension their attire to life. They’ll be able to share their fashion creations with other players across the globe by making friends with them in-game.

The game is certainly shaping up to be incredibly popular then and IGG are also hosting a variety of pre-registration campaigns that offer players a plethora of rewards. If the Dress Up! Time Princess manages to wrack up 200,000 pre-registers players will be given Gold, Stamina and a beautiful Bridal Gown Set. There’ll also be a lucky draw featuring grand prizes such as a mobile phone worth $1000 and Amazon gift cards!

But that’s not all either if players can encourage other players to pre-register for the game they’ll also be rewarded for that too. In-game this will net them a Bridal Frame, Bouquet and Special Action whilst they’ll also be able in with a chance of winning a cash prize. All of the specific details can be found on the game’s pre-registration page.

Dress Up! Time Princess is available for pre-register now over on the game’s official website ahead of its release on the App Store and Google Play. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

For more Dress Up! Time Princess news be sure to check out the game’s official Facebook page and Discord group.

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