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Prepare the scrubs, Surgeon Simulator 2 will release on Steam soon



Games can be an educational tool that gives players the opportunity to learn about different aspects of the world. Whether that translates into some skill that can be used in real life is another matter. Surgeon Simulator 2 It first launched in August exclusively on the Epic Games Store, but will soon be recruiting new and aspiring doctors with its arrival on Steam.

Bossa Studios shared the good news, ending the game’s timed exclusivity on the Epic digital store. For fans who have been waiting for the game to arrive on Steam, a good time awaits.

Taking the highlights from the first game, Surgeon Simulator 2 goes even further by duplicating everything. Multiplayer physics-based medical madness gets even more fun with every object, organ, and limb in play. You can literally run with amputated limbs in the name of science.

There are entirely new operations to pioneer, with four-player online co-op and competitive play available for your pleasure. Bossa Studios has also included an exciting Story Mode. Enter Bossa Labs as a rookie and emerge as the bona fide Master Surgeon. This should appeal to all new players from Surgeon Simulator 2 Updated after Steam launch.

Prepare The Scrubs, Surgeon Simulator 2 starts steam operations (1)

Freestyle surgery

Once you have adapted and know all the ins and outs of the game, you can share your mastery with the world. Jump into Creation mode in Surgeon Simulator 2 and go crazy with your imagination.

You can shape the environment however you want, with the number of tools and objects that you decide. These are the same tools that developers use, so you can be sure that your creations will at least be fun.

No release date has been set for Surgeon Simulator 2 on Steam, but be sure to follow him on Steam to stay up to date.

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