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Pressure for Sylvinho’s resignation dominates Corinthians. Players make pact to save him



São Paulo, Brazil


“Although the Corinthians board has made some important signings, the performance on the pitch remains below the expectations of the Torcida loyalists.

“On the player side, we want Cássio, Fagner, Fábio Santos, Gil, Renato Augusto (more experienced players in this group) who cover this team more on the pitch.

“On a technical level, there is a lack of tactical definition. Therefore, there is no excuse to keep a coach like Sylvinho, he is weak. There is no place with Corinthians.

“Since he was hired, he has failed to organize the team, he has failed to build a strong team as it should be, and he continues to insist on teams that have never worked and still do not wear. all the substitutions he has in a match.

“Corinthians is not for beginners and trainees. He does not know how to climb. He does not know how to motivate. It’s not for the Corinthians. Roberto de Andrade, outside!

To President Duílio, honor his words.

“Apart from Sylvinho.”

The manifesto of the main Corinthians supporters, Gaviões da Fiel, after the loss to São Paulo, carries a lot of weight in Parque São Jorge. The wing that politically dominates the club since 2007, with the first mandate of Andrés Sanchez, has its strength in the organized. They gained strength, respect, votes and even fear within the club.

For 14 years, there has been an alliance between the leaders of the situation and the directors of the main organizations. They are wise, informed firsthand of the countless decisions made by presidents who have passed through Corinthians. There were conflicts, disagreements, even public ones, but smaller than they could be.

Andrés has already been called for a lot, cursed. But there were always meetings and circumvented situations.

Just as there are changes of command at Parque São Jorge, there are also organized changes. And tolerance, especially vis-à-vis football, continues to decline.

The Sylvinho affair is symbolic.

President Duilio Monteiro Alves was under pressure. He took over the club with a debt of over R $ 1 billion, with a very low cast. Vagner Mancini had managed to avoid relegation to the Brazilian championship in 2020. And he warned that if the club did not sign important players, the season would be “terrible”. The players did not come and the coach ended up being summarily sacked, after the club racked up eliminations in Sudamericana, for Peñarol, and in Paulista, against Palmeiras.

Duilio went through two consecutive annoyances. He invited, guaranteed that the club would make good signings, offered very high salaries to Renato Gaúcho. And even for the Uruguayan Diego Aguirre.

Both have turned their backs on the Corinthians.

It was then that the director of football and former vice-president appointed Sylvinho. Tite’s former national team assistant, who refused to lead the Olympic team in Tokyo, took over in Lyon. In his first experience as a coach, he only played 11 matches, being dismissed embarrassed, after the worst start to the season in 24 years for the French club.

He left in October 2019. He went 19 months without working until the Corinthians invited him. I lived in Porto, Portugal.

Being a Corinthian idol served as a shield, as did having weak players. It was then that Duilio and Roberto de Andrade decided, despite the debts of the Corinthians, to invest in great experienced athletes without a contract. This is how Giuliano, Renato Augusto, Roger Guedes and Willian arrived. In addition to having everything good with Paulinho, from January 2022.

All of a sudden, the Brazilian changed his character. Sylvinho no longer had to fight for his survival in Serie A, due to the obligation of a place in Libertadores.

Before the reinforcements, the Corinthians had played 14 games for the Brazilian nationals. Four wins, four losses and four draws. 12 goals in his favor. 14 against.

After the quartet arrived, there were 13 matches. Six wins, five draws and two losses. With 16 goals for and 10 against.

It turns out that Corinthians have been unstable. Even in the nine-game unbeaten streak, criticism increased, the main one being the use of individual games. In the last three against Sport, Fluminense and São Paulo, the team has turned out worse. Predictable, very well marked, despite the victory against the Cariocas.

Losing to rivals Palmeiras and São Paulo is always a shock for the Corinthians. Hence the pressure for Sylvinho’s dismissal is increasing. Since the sprint for the Libertadores has stalled.

But Duilio Monteiro Alves gave Sylvinho his word that he would have top-level reinforcements, and most importantly, time to work. So the contract, with a fine, until December 2022.

Duilio assured the advisers of his political group yesterday that he would not fire Sylvinho. But he and Roberto de Andrade will back him with the right to demand better football. In the major shock Sunday, in Porto Alegre, against the Internacional.

Some of these board members have asked the board of Gaviões da Fiel for patience. And to continue to support the team in this decisive straight line. And that he did a more in-depth assessment at the end of the Brazilian nationals.

Players, especially the more experienced, know in detail what is going on. And they are committed to supporting Sylvinho. They don’t want you to go.

The coach knows he is having a very difficult time.

But trust Duilio’s committed word.

In other words, the brief peace to the Corinthians is over.

The game against the Internacional will have a huge impact on the future of the club.

Sylvinho knows that defeat can be expensive.

And the one who defends the name of an Argentinian for his place.

Juan Pablo Vojvoda, Fortaleza coach…

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