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Prison Architect Going Green adds environmentally-friendly incarceration



Going to jail is about paying for your crimes, trying not to get hit, and now, growing vegetables. Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven just announced Prison Architect: Going Green, the next expansion of the prison management simulator. Turn green will add new game mechanics, as well as introduce farming in the prison yard.

Take your convicts to the garden and turn your prison into a self-contained complex. You’ll be able to farm the land, build environmentally friendly energy sources, and use sustainable materials to personalize your complex. Hopefully, the quality of your prison food will also improve.

This is how you turn green

Prison Architect: Going Green adds a ton of new features to the game. The main one is a new type of prison work, agriculture. This will allow your inmates to grow a wide range of produce. It is up to you whether you want to profit from your incarcerated workforce or let them taste the fruits of your labor with better meals in prison.

Fruit orchard, agricultural field, and vegetable allotment are the three types of outdoor rooms that you can use for agriculture. Furthermore, it is not necessary to leave all work in the hands of the prisoners, agricultural workers can also be hired to help. You should probably also build a pantry to store produce and a shed to store tools.

Some inmates will actually go into farm life and start growing flowers and other plants for fun. It might even make them happy. However, cunning prisoners are always looking for new opportunities. Ways they could grow their own businesses. Keep an eye out for secret herb crops, alcoholic beverage crafting, and prisoners turning your gardens into Gang Turf.

Prison Architect: Going Green follow the Island boundary expansion and will launch on PC on January 28. You will need the base game to participate in sustainable action. If you are not an owner Prison Architect However, you can head over to Steam and pick it up.

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