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Project Slayers is the ultimate anime RPG game on Roblox with a big open world and plenty to discover. Take on the evil beings threatening the villages as you develop your fighting abilities and skills of your choice. Whether you decide to stay human and learn the art of breathing or delve into the Demon arts, as you level up, you will grow into a mighty warrior capable of bringing down the most challenging foe. Here’s how you can boost your levels in no time.

How to level up quickly in Project Slayers

There are a few different ways you can level up in Project Slayers. Not only do you have an overall level, but your various skills can also be leveled up into a Mastery. Leveling up your overall level will increase your damage, unlock new moves, allow you to talk to Trainers and learn new things, and take on more powerful enemies. Here are a few ways you can increase that level more efficiently.

Fighting enemies and bosses

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The best way to grind overall levels is to farm battle NPC enemies and bosses. Defeating an NPC will give you Exp each time. Bosses will significantly boost your Exp based on how much damage you inflicted on them. If you took them on yourself, the more Exp you are granted.

Completing quests

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Quests can also give you Exp. However, not nearly as much as fighting does. The best way to earn Exp from quests is to accept quests that include defeating some enemies, such as the quests for Somi in the starting village. You will get way more Exp by taking down some NPCs for the quest and adding a little extra to complete it.

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2x Exp Boost

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If you still aren’t gaining levels as fast as you’d like, think about spending a bit of Robux to buy the 2x Exp boost. This boost lasts only 15 minutes but will double the Exp you get through all means, such as fighting or completing quests. To purchase it, press M to open your menu and select the coin pouch icon. The 2x Exp costs R$ 115.

How many skills can be leveled up to Mastery in Project Slayers?

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On top of your overall level, you also have several skills you can level up toward Mastery. Each level you gain for these skills will increase the damage they do and allow you to unlock new moves, which you can find the keys in your menu by pressing M and then the gears icon. You can keep track of their levels with the icon on the screen’s bottom right corner. When you have the specific skill equipped, this will be revealed, notifying you how much Exp you need to level it up. Here are all the skills that you can master:

  • Breathing
  • Demon Art
  • Katana
  • Claws
  • Fists


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To begin Mastering specific skills included within the Breathing and Demon Arts, you will need to first speak with special Trainer NPCs. Remember that you will need to have an overall level high enough to begin your training in these abilities.

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How to level up Masteries in Project Slayers

Mastering your skills isn’t a hard thing to do. If you’re hoping to max out all your Masteries, there are a few ways you can level them up quickly. However, you may want to work on one at a time to reach that max more efficiently.

Fight with them

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The best way to master a skill is to utilize it in battle consistently. Pick a weapon or combat skill and use it each time you fight NPCs or bosses; the skill will continuously level up. Keep an eye on the icon on the bottom right to see how much Exp you receive while you fight, and consider moving to more powerful enemies if you’re not gaining enough at a time. Also, remember to complete as many combos as possible to rack out more damage.

2x Mastery Boost

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To help the process further along in a speedier fashion, you can also open the Shop menu and buy the 2x Mastery 15-minute boost that will double your Exp for skills and help you reach Mastery a little quicker. Just like the 2x Exp boost, you will need to spend some Robux, and this one is a bit pricier at around R$ 250.


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Gourds are also a way of boosting your progress without so much grinding. You can find them in Butterfly Mansion to purchase for Wen. Each Gourd, based on size, can increase your Mastery progression, specifically Breathing and Demon Art. You can view this progression by pressing M and clicking the book icon. However, you will need to purchase the gamepass to view the contents.

These are just a few ways to increase your skills and overall level more efficiently. Let us know in the comments below if it was helpful for you or any other ways you choose to grind levels!

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