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PS5 Demo Kiosks Appearing In Stores



The next generation of consoles, the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, are just a few months away. In the UK there have been PS5 kiosks spotted, which will be used to show off the console and gameplay, yet we don’t even know the price of the console yet.

The picture, shared by @AllGamesDelta_ on Twitter, shows a kiosk complete with a couch in a retail store. At the minute there is no console or controller in it, meaning players can’t check it out right now. Kiosks aren’t seen as often as they once were, but Sony did use kiosks back in 2016 to show off PS VR.

With both Sony and Microsoft neck and neck in terms of release window, letting players actually play the console could be a smart move by Sony, with 2 consoles releasing around the same time actually being able to play one first could be the difference maker.

It is also unknown right now which stores will be getting these kiosks, and whether they’re in the UK only, but it is also unclear how stores intend on keeping these clean and applying social distancing measures due to the pandemic. Social distancing measures are still in place in the UK and will likely remain in place throughout the rest of 2020, so no groups huddled around the kiosk.

Have you seen any PS5 kiosks in the wild? Let us know in the comments.

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