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PUBG Corp. Merges With KRAFTON Inc. To Become PUBG Studio



KRAFTON, Inc., the parent company behind PUBG Corp. announced today that they are merging under its independent studio system. The company will now focus on development under the name “PUBG Studio“. This news follows a previous announcement that PUBG Corporation’s publishing and support teams have been integrated into KRAFTON.

KRAFTON directs resources to the PUBG IP address

The company will only focus on development as PUBG Corp’s publishing and support teams have already been integrated into KRAFTON. The studio will continue to look for ways to develop and expand the PUBG IP in various areas, including its esports and entertainment business, including bringing it back to countries where gaming has been banned (like India ).. KRAFTON’s independent studio system will give its development teams more autonomy to create their own unique identities and develop a diverse roster of games.

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You get a merger, you get a merger….

The revised system now includes a total of four studios, including PUBG Studio, Striking Distance Studios, Bluehole Studio and RisingWings. Striking Distance Studios is an AAA development studio tasked with creating an original storytelling experience in the PUBG universe. Bluehole Studio will continue to serve MMORPGs like TERA and this is the next ELYON game, due for release next week in South Korea.

The company’s other two subsidiary studios, PNIX, Inc. and Delusion Studio, Inc., merged into a new mobile game studio called RisingWings, Inc. PNIX focused on casual mobile games like Archery King and Bowling King while Delusion Studio developed the mobile. RTS Castle Burn.

RisingWings will focus on the development of casual and midcore mobile games. The studio will continue to provide global support for its existing games, including Golf King – World Tour and MiniGolf King, while working on upcoming strategy, arcade and outdoor sports projects slated for release in the first half of 2021. .

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