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PUBG Mobile Bans 1.2 Million Accounts for Hacking Last Week



PUBG Mobile has been at war with hackers in their game for quite some time now. The developers continued to improve their anti-cheat system to ensure that hackers do not spread freely in the game. Based on the report they released on December 21, 2020, on 2,127,454 accounts have been banned for hacking in the game from December 11 to 17. Now from January 8th-14th, 1217342 counts have been permanently suspended from accessing PUBG Mobile.

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PUBG’s mobile ban hammer strikes again

In an official PUBG Mobile Twitter post, they revealed that 1,217,342 accounts have been banned for cheating. Banned accounts include those using hacks like character model modification, auto aim, x-rays and speed hacks.

PUBG Mobile bansCourtesy: PUBG Mobile

Near 40% accounts banned this time came from Bronze with 3% current bans in Conqueror.

PUBG M accounts bannedCourtesy: PUBG Mobile

Hacking has been one of the main issues with PUBG Mobile. The more popular the game, the more hackers it attracts. These hackers ruin the fun of the game for players who play fair and square. With the help of the community that denounces these hackers, the developers aim to improve their anti-cheat system and ban those who modify the game to gain an unfair advantage.

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