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PUBG Mobile Season 14 To Release Today



Season 14 of PUBG Mobile will be released on July 7 and features a ton of cool changes and updates. Additionally the new Royal Pass will be available from July 14. Season 14 will be called ‘Spark the Flame’. New changes include updates and bug fixes, quality of life improvements and the release of the new map and royal pass. Previous leaks suggest that the new season is going to have a lot of flame and fire inspired in-game items and skins. The official trailer for the new season was leaked a few days back. The setting of the trailer features a Mad Max-inspired post-apocalyptic world. 

Season 14 To Feature New Map, Livik

imageThe new map has a Nordic theme

Image via PUBG Mobile

Livik will be the first 2×2 map in PUBG Mobile and will feature a 15 minute match time, making it a faster paced experience. It will also have two exclusive weapons in the P90 and Mk12 and a new vehicle, the Monster Truck. 

‘Spark The Flame’ Game Mode

This new special event game mode will be available on Erangel and Miramar. It will be similar to the Mysterious Jungle mode in Sanhok or the Arctic mode in Vikendi. Another mode called Ancient secrets is also set to be released. 

Royale Pass

Since this is the 2nd anniversary of the royale pass, we will see the return of the Roaring Dragon and Dragon Hunter themed rewards from Season 2. Additionally there will be new themes and multi-form outfits as well. 

New Ace Badge Feature

Now you’ll be able to show off your skills and dedication in the game with the new Ace badge icon. This icon will show on your profile and will count the number of times you have made it to the Ace tier. 

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