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PUBG New State: Hindi Version of Official Website Found Disabled



PUBG New State was revealed to the public on February 25 with great fanfare. However, Indian fans were a bit disappointed as the company made it clear that PUBG: New State will not be releasing in India, Vietnam and China in its official fact sheet. But it should be noted that excluding India from official publication may not have been the plan from the start. As reported by Gemwire, The official PUBG New State website has code that hides a Hindi version of the site. The hidden Hindi version of the website contains a fully translated version of the ad, privacy policy, terms of service and more. A Hindi version of the trailer for Krafton’s latest game, however, could not be found on the website.

New state PUBG: Hindi website for India

The current version of the PUBG New State official website supports 19 different languages, of which Hindi is not an option.

However, after inspecting the website code, it appears that a Hindi version of the website has been disabled. Upon further inspection, a complete Hindi language pack containing various aspects of the website, including the PUBG New State announcement, was discovered.

Reactivating this code brings up the Hindi option on the website.

Hindi option on PUBG New State websiteThe Hindi option can clearly be seen after its reactivation
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This is what the official PUBG New State announcement on the website would have looked like, based on the Hindi language pack found on the website.

PUBG New State Hindi version launchedIf the Hindi language pack had been implemented on the website, this is what it would have looked like.

What does this mean for PUBG New State and India?

The only thing the presence of a Hindi language pack indicates is that Krafton and PUBG Studio have considered releasing PUBG New State in India at some point.

This may suggest that the game is slated for release in India in the near future. But it can also mean that Krafton decided to drop the Indian release of the game just before revealing the game.

PUBG New State was officially announced by PUBG Studio and KRAFTON, Inc on February 27. The new Battle Royale game is the successor to the very popular PUBG Mobile and will be available for Android and iOS users. However, the game will not launch in India; therefore, the Google Play Store listing in the country is devoid of any option to pre-register for the game.

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