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Pugliesi shocks everyone after controversy with Erasmus



Gabriela Pugliesi piqued her ex-husband’s attitude (Image: Reproduction – Instagram / Reproduction – Playplus / Montage – RD1)

Erasmus Vianna came back to argue with a statement in the containment of The Farm 2021. in conversation with Rich, the influencer said that Marina Ferrari “It was sweet” for him off the show and texted him while he was still with Erika Schneider.

All about La Ferme 2021 in the cover of RD1

The one who didn’t hold his tongue when he saw the buzz about the model’s controversial phrases was his ex-wife, Gabriela Pugliesi. In a profile that posted a video of the moment, the Bahian woman attempted to respond.

Even I understand myself, guys“, she launched, evoking the fact that she had separated. After the resonance of the affair, a friend of Marina posted a sequence of prints showing an alleged conversation between Erasmus and her.

On Twitter, Marina’s friend also said that it was the influencer who had hit on the famous and wanted to find her outside of the reality of Record. “My God, how is this Erasmus lying? Lying and sexist of the inflated ego“, Pull.

Still on the social network, Marina’s team commented on the subject and even exposed the prints: “Valuing only the image of Marina, we came to clarify with evidence of what really happened. As you can see, he was actually the one making the advances – which was not reciprocal“.

On another occasion, Erasmus had a controversy by blowing up his ex, Erika. In a conversation with pedestrians, the model returned to comment on her involvement with the influencer and shot:

“The thing with me and it was just carnal. I have stayed with her 2, 3 times. The second time I hooked up with her I said, ‘Dude, she’s a hottie, there was fucking sex **, there was fucking energy *, but I already had noticed that she was very superficial. Mine is a cat, but it is limited ”.

“The content won’t go away, you’ll exchange an idea, no, it’s superficial, old.” Shallow. I’m a guy who, for **, for me, old man, thank goodness, woman, sex, these things always have time “, completed.

Seeing the video on social media, Erika tried to let off steam on the episode and spoke of sexism:

“And there are those who say that I have not suffered from machismo. Erasmo has shown all over Brazil what a man is capable of doing when a woman no longer wants to have a relationship with someone. I don’t. will not pay with the same coin life goes on and i hope he gets over it !! please stop wanting to belittle me belittle my story i know the woman i am and it will not that kind of man who will put me down. I hope that when he leaves the house, he will be able to reflect on his lines and be able to evolve! “

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