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Pyong Lee remarries Sammy after alleged betrayal in reality TV



Pyong lee and Sammy resumed marriage. The two, who had split over Pyong’s alleged betrayal with Antonela Avellaneda, on the “Ilha Record” reality show on Record TV, decided to resume their relationship.

On social media, Pyong posted a photo with Sammy and their son, Jake. The hypnotist even wrote a message saying he had been forgiven by Sammy.

“Forgiveness is not something deserved. We don’t deserve it, I don’t deserve it. Forgiveness is given to us out of love. The transformation takes place before that, it takes place in true repentance. The love of my life has forgiven me, so today is a day of joy! In my heart, and certainly in Heaven! writes Pyong.

Already Sammy wrote: “I allowed myself to meet this new person. I have always felt something about FAMILY. Something strong, objective and radical. However, I had never been able to define it in words. For several months, I have known myself. I learned to love myself, I learned that emotional addiction is unhealthy, and I learned to be myself. But still, I kept feeling something, deep in my heart, beating in my head, telling me there was a balance.
In the middle of my studies, I heard a phrase that, frighteningly, managed to define exactly how I have felt all my life about FAMILY. “I’d rather fail with my family than thrive without them” … I know, it’s radical. But I always thought this life didn’t make sense, you know? An unjust, impartial world … a life we ​​spent struggling and in the end we died and we left everything behind … Reading Ecclesiastes, I came to the conclusion that the goal is not really not life here… and that here, that does not make sense. I want, and always wanted, to spend this crazy trip with my family, every person in my family. I love each one of them, and I believe that exactly because of this, no matter how long it takes, I will thrive being with my family. As I said above, I allowed myself to meet this new person, but I also chose to forgive, in truth, the Man whom I swore not to give up before God. The family is God’s plan, fight for yours.

Crying and asking for forgiveness

Recently, Pyong lee returned to Instagram after a four-month absence. In the post, the hypnologist read a letter to reflect on his lifestyle choices he had made in recent months.

Recall that his marriage to Sammy Lee ended in July, after his participation in A Ilha Record, where he was the target of rumors of an affair with the model and ex-BBB Antonela Avellaneda.

“The last few days have been a reflection for me. I wrote a letter and wanted to share it with you. Almost 100 days away from the nets. For the first time in my life I had the courage to confront myself, to see myself without filter, without ego, without external opinions. Just me, the real me, with everything I’ve ever experienced, good and bad, ”he began.

“My traumas and experiences, which only I could know and understand so well. It is very difficult to recognize that we have a problem. Our mind does not let us see. Sometimes, when you can see it, it’s already too late, “he added.

Pyong still remembers his childhood, when his mother abandoned him at the age of 9 and his father became depressed.

“My mother abandoned me when I was 9 and my father fell into depression, I lost him when I was 12. The story is long, but all of Brazil have seen the result. The good and the bad, ”he continued.

However, the hypnologist did not abstain from everything he experienced and his choices and was accompanied by “God and professionals” during this time.

“Nothing justifies the man I once was, totally doomed to a lost existence. I saw myself as I had never seen myself before, it hurt, it saddened me to see who I was and where everything was taking me. This painful process was accompanied by professionals, leaders and God. I freed myself, I was reborn and I found my identity. I recognize myself as a child of God and I hate who I once was, ”he said.

In the letter, Pyong also lost the forgiveness of his ex-wife, Sammy, and his son, Jake, who, although he doesn’t understand everything now, had part of his life written down because of his bad choices. .

“There hasn’t been a second that I haven’t deeply regretted opening a wound in your heart. (…) Sammy, I wish I had realized the true value of life before. I wish I could wake up next to you every day and see your smile and that of our son. I apologize for not being the best, for not even being 1% of the man you deserve. I want to ask forgiveness for my son who, although he doesn’t understand now, has had part of his story written by my horrible choices and attitudes. I promise to wake up everyday and be different, better, to stop being proud of my last name. Not for fame or money.

Pyong also ended by saying that now he “knows who he is” and that he has very clear and defined values, besides declaring himself to Sammy and saying that he “will fight for his love”.

“Today I know who I am and my story will be a testimony. The love of God is changing in character and I will be living proof of that. Hope you see me a lot. Today I have my very clear and defined values. Sammy, I love you and I will fight forever to be worthy of your trust again. It would be a gift to at least be your friend. Being near you is like a most perfect spring sunset and I would be crazy not to fight for it ”, concluded.


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