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Race The Future gets a new split screen 2 player mode.



In addition to all the previous upgrades (adjustable car handling, 60 FPS, HD rumble…), the new 2 player mode is the final touch to make Rise : Race The Future one of the best racing games on Switch.

RISE: Race The Future is a racing game inspired by arcade rally games from the 90’s featuring futuristic cars equipped with a boost system. The gameplay combines arcade and simulation to let you slide on all types of terrains and especially on water

Depending on the player’s skill each vehicle can be set up to handle or to slide. Everyone can play and improve its driving skills in pure fun.

V 1.6 – 2 player mode:

  • Challenge mode: coop gameplay. The objectives are set in common, each player can focus on different objectives and the results are cumulated.
  • Championship mode: At any time the second player can join or quit the actual championship swapping with an AI player.
  • The 2 player option is available in 30 FPS and 60 FPS mode.

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