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Rains cause flooding in cities in Mata Sul and Agreste of Pernambuco



Heavy rains hit cities in Zona Mata Sul and Agreste de Pernambuco this Saturday (2), according to forecast by the Pernambuco Water and Climate Agency (Apac) of rains in the last few hours.

Some of Most affected cities in the last 24 hours were Correntes, in Agreste, and Água Petra, in Mata Sul.. In Correntes, the rains exceeded 91.90 mm, according to the current record of the APAC rain monitoring, from noon and a half this Saturday.

The city of Água Preta recorded 74.47 mm, according to the last update from Apac, at 6:30 pm this Friday.

According to the Federal Highway Police (PRF), the stretch of km 126 of the BR 424, in Correntes, was closed for a few hours, due to cracks in the bridge that gives access to the municipality.

Access bridge to the city of Correntes

After a visit by a team from the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT), which did not find any damage to the bridge, the site was released to vehicle traffic.

According to Councilor Neto Cicinho, a resident of the Santa Terezinha district, the current flood is equivalent to one of the largest floods in the region, which occurred in 2010 and a large part of the Plant was affected.

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Heavy rains hit the municipality of Águas Pretas

Heavy rains also caused flooding in the municipality of Palmares. the city recorded 66.53mm in the last 24 hours, according to the last update of the Apac report, at 1pm this Saturday.

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