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Raphinha at Barcelona: see how much Avaí should profit from the FIFA mechanism



It’s not just Barcelona fans who will celebrate the arrival of forward Raphinha from Leeds United. The sale of the player to Barça will earn good money for the safe of Avaí, the team that the player played for before going to Europe.

  • Raphinha already speaks as a new Barcelona player: “Hello, culés!”

Barcelona are due to pay Leeds €58m (£316m) with bonuses that could take the deal to €67m (£365m). As a training club, where Raphinha was in the youth categories until 2015, Leão da Ilha is entitled to 0.78% of the athlete’s transactions. With that, it should profit between R$ 2 million and 465 thousand and R$ 2 million and 845 thousand.

Raphinha at the time of the base of Avaí — Photo: André Palma Ribeiro/Avaí FC

In addition to Avaí, other clubs should profit from the FIFA mechanism, which gives part of the transfer value to teams where the player spent until the age of 23. Vitória SC and Sporting, from Portugal, and Rennes, from France, are the teams that counted on Raphinha until the age limit of the mechanism and will have a percentage of the negotiation between Leeds and Barcelona.

At the time of Raphinha’s departure, who did not play for Avaí’s professional, the club sold 45% of the player to Vitória de Guimarães for 600 thousand euros, R$ 2.7 million at the time, approximate value of what should profit today with the attacker’s new negotiation. The athlete is also on the Brazilian national team, has three goals in nine games and is considered for the Qatar World Cup.

Understand how the FIFA engine works

By FIFA’s solidarity mechanism, clubs where the player spent until he was 23 years old are entitled to receive 5% of the athlete’s international transaction. The percentage depends on how long and at what age the player was at a particular club, ranging from 0.25% to 0.5%, depending on age. The division is made based on the seasons between the athlete’s 12th and 23rd birthday.

Percentage by FIFA engine

Season percentage
Until the 12th birthday 0.25%
Until the 13th birthday 0.25%
Until the 14th birthday 0.25%
Until the 15th anniversary 0.25%
Until the 16th birthday 0.50%
Until the 17th birthday 0.50%
Up to 18th birthday 0.50%
Until the 19th birthday 0.50%
Until the 20th anniversary 0.50%
Until the 21st birthday 0.50%
Until the 22nd birthday 0.50%
Until the 23rd birthday 0.50%
Total: 12 seasons 5%
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