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rapper vents about police operation he suffered



Rapper Filipe Ret, 37, used his Instagram profile this afternoon to vent about being booked for drug possession.

“I am an artist (who suffers pressures, difficulties and wear like any other profession) with a libertarian mentality and worldview. My greatest privilege was to have a liberating education and learn to respect those who think differently from me”, began the rapper in the publication .

I’ve suffered a lot of police cowardice (being wrong and being right). Cowards exist in any profession. But when it comes to my specific operation, even though it was invasive and embarrassing, the officers were 100% professional. Filipe Ret

“Even though my ideology is blatantly against the nature of the DRE (narcotics police station), I’ve seen all police officers (including women) following their purposes as I follow mine (as provocative as it may seem at times)” , continued Philip.

“Conclusion: I may disagree with her worldview but I will fight for her right to say it (unless she condemns my freedom to say mine)”, concluded the rapper.

Yesterday morning, he was taken from a luxury resort in Angra dos Reis to a DRE headquarters.

Since last month, the Police Department has been investigating Ret for drug trafficking after he showed up with a bucket of allegedly marijuana cigarettes at her 37th birthday party. The artist would have offered the narcotic to the guests.

splash contacted delegate Marcus Amim, who reinforced that the investigations began the day after the event, when Filipe Ret posted images and texts on social media profiles that made reference to the delivery of marijuana to the guests.

“Supplying drugs, even free of charge, is trafficking”, declared the holder of the DRE.

With the material seized, the agents will continue the investigation to identify all those involved in the crime under investigation.

Items seized by the civil police of Rio at the addresses of Filipe Ret - Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro - Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro

Items seized by the civil police of Rio at the addresses of Filipe Ret

Image: Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro

Delegate Rodrigo Coelho said at a press conference that narcotic material was found for consumption at two addresses in Ret.

“He, in theory, is in the situation of flagrant possession for personal consumption and, if he signs the commitment to appear in court and respond to all acts of the process, he is released and charged with possession for consumption”, he said.

He [Filipe Ret] he was surprised, but he had no reaction, he accepted the diligence well. We made a search and seizure request at his addresses to find part of the material that could have been the same as the party and other evidence such as his phone, which was requested to be seized to see if there is any image or something similar that we can prove this drug distribution at this party. Delegate Rodrigo Coelho

The delegate also said that the police had access to images from a camera and the material has already been sent for expertise.

“At first, only he is being investigated for the distribution of this material at the party (…) If it is eventually found that he has a supplier, that he has a production, a company or anything illegal in Brazil, we may arrive to others involved,” he explained.

Ret’s birthday party took place in Vivo Rio, south zone of Rio de Janeiro, on June 21st. The event was attended by names such as Jade Picon, Douglas Silva, Pedro Scooby, Paulo André and Ronaldo Fenômeno, who can be summoned to testify.

According to the investigators, the administration of the show house refused to provide, in full, the images of the day that Filipe Ret promoted a party at which, allegedly, there was free distribution of drugs.

splash contacted Vivo Rio, which said it “has collaborated and continues to collaborate with the entire investigation process for this case. The footage from the venue’s internal security circuit was provided as soon as they were requested.”

“Vivo Rio confirms its integrity and ethics in the face of the information requested by the authorities involved”, says the note sent by the venue,

The birthday pictures had viralized on social media, with people saying the event was “open beck“, referring to the term “open bar”. That is, the drug would be free and unlimited.

Last year, the singer launched Ret Kush, his own brand of marijuana, in California. The cannabis market is legal in the US state.

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