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Rare’s swash-buckling sensation Sea of Thieves celebrates 15 million players



The hunt for booty has proven to be a timeless endeavor among adventurers of the high seas. More than 15 million players have tried their luck through rough waters and dangerous caves in Rare’s Sea of Thieves. A massive milestone for the online co-op adventure game.

Microsoft has a new juggernaut under its Xbox Game Studios umbrella. Any game that manages to sell more than 10 million times is a huge deal. And this isn’t even the peak form of Sea of Thieves with the developer continuously adding more content to the already large experience.

We also learn that the Steam release of the game from last month has surpassed 1 million sales. Quite the success and with rumors that Game Pass being planned to sold via Steam itself, we foresee a bombastic rise in those figures.

Last month – June 2020 – was also the biggest month so far for Sea of Thieves in terms of active players, with more than 3.3M players setting sail. A contributing factor to this growth has been our recent launch on Steam. We’ve been blown away by the support we’ve seen from the Steam community, with over 1M copies of the game having been sold so far and the game regularly appearing in the top selling and most played games charts.

Sea of Thieves also marks an important moment for its developer Rare. Ever since the developer was purchased by Microsoft, the image of the iconic studio who was highly-revered for its output on Nintendo systems waned. Today’s announcement is an irrefutable fact that Rare is back and stronger than ever.

Creating a multi-million seller in the double digits in the much-coveted live service online genre is no small feat. And it speaks volumes for Microsoft’s focus on offering long-lasting game experiences. There’s no doubt the same winning formula will continue with the Xbox Series X.

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