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Ravi reveals Tulio’s secret to Christian



Thulium (Daniel Dantas) and Ruth (Pathy Dejesus) won’t be able to keep the romance a secret for long. In the next chapters of a place in the sun, Delighted (Juan Paiva) connect the dots and find out the whole truth.

It all starts when the best friend of Christian (Cauã Reymond) notices that Ruth’s shirt is stained with blood on the wrist. The dirt catches the boy’s attention, as it is exactly like Tulio’s when he killed an insect in the car.

Ravi then concludes that the two are having an extramarital affair. After the discovery, he lashes out at the ex-boyfriend of Lara (Andréia Horta) and tells him everything. Surprised by Tulio’s secret, Christian decides that the best thing to do is unmask his rival.

What Christian doesn’t imagine, however, is that Tullius and Ruth will find out about his whole hoax. With this, the villain will do anything to keep the boy away from the presidency of the company. Otherwise, the story will be revealed to Barbaric (Aline Moraes) and Santiago (José de Abreu).

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