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Rayanne Morais scolds Latino and exposes the singer’s betrayals: ‘bad character’



Since this column exclusively reported that Rayanne Morais got into a relationship with the actor Victor Pecoraro and that she has been pointed out as the pivot of the boy’s separation from Renata Muller, mother of his two daughters, the subject doesn’t stop surrendering. Now, Rayanne decided to counter a comment from her ex-husband, Latinin a post about their new relationship.

The singer left puke stickers in his comment on a gossip page and it was enough to raise Rayanne’s ire. The model scolded her ex and even exposed that she was cheated on by him. “Don’t mistake me for you,” she began, who then dropped some advice by exposing that she was cheated on.

“You will take care of your children, who are the fruits of your betrayal with me, in fact, that was the reason for the separation. It’s a good thing the math is exact, if you couldn’t invent one more of your lies. Bad character”, pointed out the model, when activating her unfiltered mode.

The two Latino children mentioned by Rayanne were, in fact, born during the period when the two were together. One of them was born in 2013 and is the son of the singer and model Jaqueline Blandy. The other arrived in 2012, as a result of the relationship with the lawyer Glaucia Deneno.

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Romance with Victor Pecoraro

Rayanne Morais and Victor Pecoraro started an affair after joining the cast of the movie ‘A Delivery’. They were together during the recordings in Joinville. According to sources by this columnist, since then, no longer strayed.

What circulates behind the scenes is that close friends of the new couple say that Rayanne Morais may have been the pivot of Victor and Renata Muller’s separation. The two are parents to Sophia and Rebekah. On the influencer’s Instagram, there are almost no more photos with the actor.

Last week, Rayanne Morais and Victor Pecoraro were together at the Beth Goulart’s new book launch. Leaving no evidence that they are getting to know each other better, the two published photos of the moment on social media, alongside other friends. On the same day, they also attended a restaurant.

Sources in this column also said that the actor, who lived in São Paulo with Renata Muller and their two daughters, would already be living in Rio de Janeiro to be with the model.

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