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Reality winner gets life in prison for killing 3-year-old daughter



Reality show winner got life imprisonment - Photo: Getty Images

Reality show winner got life in prison – Photo: Getty Images

  • US reality show winner murdered her adopted daughter who was beaten last year

  • The woman reportedly got angry after the 3-year-old threw up on her dress on her way to church.

  • The girl died the following day from internal bleeding, as a result of the aggressions.

Ariel Robinson was sentenced to life in prison last Thursday (12), in the US city of Greenville, for killing her own daughter, just 3 years old.

The woman became known in the United States for winning the 20th season of the reality show “Worst Cooks in America”, in 2020. A year later, however, she became a presence in the police pages for the crime committed.

Ariel, 30, allegedly beat her adopted daughter Victoria Rose Smith, under the gaze of her husband, Jerry “Austin” Robinson, 35.

Austin confessed to participating in the crime and, therefore, should have his sentence reduced. According to him, Victoria was violently assaulted by Ariel on January 13, 2021, after vomiting on the woman’s dress.

The family was going to church when the episode happened. Witnesses said during the trial that they saw Ariel cleaning the child’s dress in the bathroom.

Asked if her daughter had been sick, the woman would have said that the girl constantly “eats too much until she vomits” and stated that this was a “game”.

Victoria was found unconscious the next day, at the family home, by an emergency service, with internal bleeding. She was rescued, but couldn’t resist and died moments later.

Testimonials from criminals

Austin told the court that Ariel constantly beat her daughter and that, after the beatings that culminated in the child’s death, she even promised her that “it won’t happen again.”

Ariel, in her testimony last Wednesday (11), classified Victoria as a “perfect” child and “easy to live with”.

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