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Recap of Week 1 Day 1 – PMWL East 2020 Season 0 League



League Play for PMWL East Season Zero kicked off today. For the next 3 weeks, a total of 20 teams will compete as the top 16 will look to qualify for Super Weekend. There were many ups and downs today on the leaderboard, with TSM Entity starting the day off at the bottom half of the leaderboard in the first two matches but found some redemption through their performance by placing 4th during Match 3. However, the Indian fan favourites ended the day at the 15th place in PMWL East.

Overall Standings of PMWL East 


imagePMWL League Week 1 Day 1 Scoreboard

While Orange Rock maintained their position at the top with a Chicken Dinner in Match 2 and placing 3rd in Match 5, board leaders Bigetron RA fell behind in the first two matches, finishing at 11th and 10th place respectively. The team bounced back to win a Chicken Dinner in Match 3, but ended the day with an overall standing in 7th place. 

FreeStyle, consisting of Black, Baba, Malik, Kashooft, Fuhusturucuu and Motu missed PMWL Opening Weekend as the Pakistani government had banned PUBG MOBILE temporarily. However, they were present for Day 1 of PMWL East League Play where they placed 5th in the first match taking out players from RCS and 6th in Match 3 and ended the day with an impressive 9th place standing. Whether or not the team is able to play for the whole duration of PMWL East League Play is yet to be seen. 

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Match 1 – Erangel


imagePMWL East League Match 1

MegaStars clinched the first Chicken Dinner of the day, beating out Yoodo Gank and RRQ Athena for the top spot. GXR Celtz was not far behind, placing 4th in the overall standings. MegaStars started the match off by landing at Kameshki with some notable skirmishes with Bigetron RA and BOX Gaming where they came out on top. GXR Celtz eliminated members of U Level Up early in the game and took out both BTR Luxxy and Zuxxy in an intense firefight. TSM Entity’s ZGOD took out OR Gill and 3 members of Nova GodLike including Xz1st, Rayed and Vampire in skirmishes. However, the team finished at 8th position on the map leaderboard after falling to RRQ. The final fight was a 3-way standoff between MegaStars, RRQ and Yoodo Gank. Beer11 took out Owais while RRQ’s D2E fell to Yoodo’s ManParang. In the final 3v1, Yoodo’s Jumper tried to hold out behind a tree but died to Encore and the playzone, ending Match 1 of PMWL East League Play. 

Match 2 – Vikendi


imagePMWL East League Match 2

The Indian teams had a good showing in Match 2 with the top 3 teams being Orange Rock with 16 kill points, GXR Celtz at second place and TeamIND coming in third. Orange Rock, who placed second during the opening weekend, didn’t fare so well in the first match, getting an early elimination at the hands of Yoodo Gank and placing 12th. However, they ended up redeeming themselves by getting a Chicken Dinner in Match 2 with 16 kills as Sc0utOP and Gill showed impressive performances. Bigetron RA had a tough time during this match with rotations, losing 2 members to the play zone. The final fight of PMWL East League Play’s March 2 was an all Indian showdown between the whole Orange Rock squad, 3 members of GXR Celtz and 2 members of TeamIND. Gill took out Slayer while VIRU took out MJ. OR’s 4v2 against GXR’s Attanki and Ultron ended with Sc0utOP getting a headshot on Ultron. 

 Match 3 – Erangel


imagePMWL East League Match 3

Bigetron RA dominated the match, earning 11 kill points. NoChance and BOX Gaming ended in the 2nd and 3rd position with 8 kill points each. TeamIND and MegaStars fell behind in this match, ending in 14th and 15th place respectively. MegaStars started the match off with a bang as Owais landed a headshot on BTR Luxxy while TeamIND lost Kratos to RCS’ SaRa. Orange Rock’s VIRU took out TeamIND’s 420op. A fight breaks out between Bigetron RA and MegaStars while Orange Rock goes head to head against RRQ and TSM Entity. Sc0utOP took out G9, Earnny and Beer11 while on the other side of the map Microboy took out VeXe and Owais. BOX Gaming’s Louis also joins the fight, taking out MegaStars’ Encore. King of Gamers, Morph, Valdus and TeamIND fall one after the other. The final fight between Bigetron RA and NoChance ends with Heineken and Godless dying to the zone. 

Match 4 – Vikendi


imagePMWL East League Match 4

RRQ wins the battle of the heals as NoChance struggle to stay alive in the final play zone. The match started off slow with teams rotating safely, BOX Gaming’s BreaK knocks out Nova GodLike’s Vampire as Louis baited him into the open and ended with the final showdown between FreeStyle, RRQ, KOG, NoChance and Yoodo Gank at Dino Park. Jumper took out BRAGA and Kashooft took out sOup77 ending KOG’s run for the Chicken Dinner. RRQ finished off Yoodo while FreeStyle gets eliminated by NoChance as the zone closes in.  Fredo, Godless, Heineken and ChocoNutX die to the playzone. With 5 First-Aids, D2E survives the battle of heals, getting RRQ a Chicken Dinner in the Match 4 of PMWL East League Play Day 1.  

Match 5 – Erangel


imagePMWL East League Match 5

Team Secret, who placed low in the leaderboards earlier in the day, nabbed the Chicken Dinner in this match with 8 kills in later stages of the match. Orange Rock maintained their day’s performance in top form, ending their campaign at the hands of KOG, placing 4th this match. The match starts off with Valdus’ JCZ getting knocked by Yoodo Gank as MegaStars’ Paradox falls to HuoXuan. A fight broke out between TSM Entity and SynerGE as Jonathan took out Ted and Shryder. Seervi takes out ClutchGod before falling to Neyoo as AustinX takes out ZGOD. The fight ends with SynerGE losing 3 members as AustinX escapes. On the other side of the map, Ultron and MJ take out Yoodo’s ManParang but GXR Celtz fall to Yoodo Gank. Team Secret take out OR VIRU. The final battle between Team Secret, KOG, Orange Rock and Valdus ends with TS eliminating Valdus as BiuBiu takes out KOG’s sOup77. 

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Today’s matches along with those played tomorrow on15th July will decide the teams for Super Weekend (17th – 19th July).

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