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Record reports explosion with 7 injured in SP and then back



The program “Fala Brasil”, on Record TV, today reported an accident that did not happen.

Presenters Mariana Godoy and Sergio Aguiar announced that an explosion at a shopping center in Barueri, Greater São Paulo, left seven people injured. Then they corrected the information: in fact, the alleged explosion was training supervised by the firefighters, and no one was actually injured.

The transmission even contained helicopter footage of the alleged crash, with military police vehicles, civil defense vehicles and ambulances in the mall parking lot.

In the Erratum, the station said the exercise was a simulation of a generator explosion in the facility’s basement, and at the time of training, the mall was closed.

In the entirety of the broadcast broadcast on the internet, the station cut the passage on the alleged accident.

O UOL contacted the broadcaster for further details, but received no response until the publication of this memo.

Shopping Tamboré reported, in a note sent to the journalist, that there had been an internal fire drill, accompanied by firefighters and that they had not been contacted by Record to clarify what had happened.

Read the full note:

We had smoke, the alarm went off, people put on make-up as if they were victims and the source of the simulated fire by members of our brigade was contained. All to ensure maximum reality and train help in emergency situations. The mall is operating normally and everything was just a routine simulation to keep our tenants, employees and customers safe.

As for what was wrongly broadcast by Fala Brasil, on TV Record, we were at no time contacted by the channel to investigate what had happened. As soon as the story was broadcast live, we made contact immediately to clarify the facts.

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