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Reissue of Ding Dong makes Faustão na Band lose audience



Faustão in the Band
Fausto Silva in charge of Faustão in this Thursday’s Band (27); Ding Dong reissue disrupts audience (Image: Playback / Band)

THE Faustão in the Band revisits pictures that made the presenter’s history as a Globo employee. But Na Pista do Sucesso, which harks back to Ding Dong, has had no effect on the audience. Data referring to Greater São Paulo, this Thursday (27), show that the public was not interested in the musical competition, giving a negative record to the attraction of Fausto Silva in Band.

Between 8:30 pm and 10:30 pm, Faustão na Band earned 4.1 points, 5.3 peak and 6.2% share in the number of televisions connected (share). In the same range, 22.2 for Globo, 9.3 for Record and 7.7 for SBT. It should be noted that Na Pista do Sucesso also accounted for the lowest rate in the opening week: 5 on average, on the last 20th. Yesterday’s edition highlighted the participation of Luiz Caldas and Vitão, among others.

Open Game and Os Donos da Bola guarantee victories over SBT

Early on, Band recorded fourth position with Bora SP (0.9) and Bora Brasil (1.1). The Chef scored 1 point, closing behind Cultura, who secured 1.2. Open Play raised the numbers. There were 2.9 points, 3.8 peak and 7.9% share, from 10:59 to 13:00, against 2.8 for SBT. Os Donos da Bola scored 2.6 points, 3.3 peak and 6% share, between 1 pm and 2:01 pm, compared to 2.5 for Silvio Santos’ channel.

With an average of 1.2, the local block of Melhor da Tarde was surpassed by Cultura (1.4). The national edition tied with RedeTV!, at 1.6. Brasil Urgente expanded its advantage over competitors, consolidating fourth place with 3.3 points. After the national version, José Luiz Datena’s journalist went to the block shown only in São Paulo, hitting 4.3.

Jornal da Band also reached an average of 4.3. Following Faustão in Band, the game 1001 Questions, led by Zeca Camargo, scored 1.8 points. Still, 1.1 for Jornal da Noite and 0.8 for NBA basketball matches. In the early hours of Friday (28). 0.6 for Que Fim Levou?, 0.4 for Mais Geek, 0.3 for Mais Info and for Primeira Jornal.

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