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Reporter resigns from ESPN for refusing to take vaccine against new coronavirus



“I’m not going to sacrifice something that I believe in and care so much for to maintain a career,” said American journalist Allison Williams.

Reproduction / Instagram / @ allisonw_espnAllison Williams asked to leave ESPN because she didn’t want to get the shot

the journalist Allison williams announced last Saturday, 16, that he had asked to leave the ESPN from the United States for refusing to be vaccinated against novel coronavirus. In a video posted on Instagram, the journalist explains that her decision is linked to the fact that she wants to get pregnant with her second child. According to the professional, the vaccine could interfere with his personal goal. “My housing application was refused by ESPN and for The Walt Disney Company. As of next week, I will be parting ways with the company, ”he said. “Belief is a word I have thought about a lot lately, because in addition to the medical concerns about my desire to have another child in relation to this injection, I am also morally and ethically not in compliance with this mandate, ” he added.

Out of breath, Williams reported that Disney announced in April that all of its employees should receive the vaccine. Faced with the requirement, the 37-year-old journalist preferred to leave her post on sports broadcasting. “I really had to dig deep and analyze my values ​​and my morals and finally I have to put them first. I cannot put a salary above my standards. I’m not going to sacrifice something that I believe in and support so strongly to maintain a career, “assured the professional. In Brazil, the commentator Paulo antunes, who specializes in US sports, sparked controversy last week when he gave a speech against the vaccine while appearing on the ESPN League show. After negative repercussions on social networks, many Internet users demanding that the journalist be sanctioned, he retracted, claiming to have been misunderstood.

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