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Republicans & Democrats squash AOC’s plans to stop Military from using Twitch



United States Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has encountered a heavy blow in her movement to ban the US Armed Forces from using gaming services like Twitch as a recruiting tool. The motion was rejected by members of the Democratic and Republican parties, which should lead to interesting times in the future.

War is not a joke. And it’s definitely not a game. No matter how realistic modern military shooting games and games are, the reality of war and combat is a harsh and brutal reminder of the fragility of life and peace. Millions of soldiers and women face the consequences of war every day and will do so until the end of their lives.

“This amendment is specifically to block funding for recruitment practices on services like, which are live streaming platforms largely populated by children well below the age of military recruitment rules. Children as young as 13 years old … are chosen for recruitment forms that can be completed online. ”

It is this sobering truth that made attempts by the US Armed Forces to use Twitch among other gaming platforms as tools to recruit new soldiers to be so tasteless at least. Games are games. They are not reality, and improvements in visual and physical terms can blur the lines, but a war game will never be comparable to real war.

AOC, among other politicians, thought similarly and tried to ban the US Armed Forces from enticing naive players through Twitch etc. Yesterday, the motion increased and closed entirely. It will be a surprise that a large group, even in the Democratic Party, voted against it. This means you can look forward to future official broadcasts of the US Army and more.

You can watch AOC’s brief speech on the motion here.

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