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Resident Evil 9 Has Been In Development Since 2018.



Resident Evil 8 has yet to be released, and its release is scheduled for May. He’s looking to improve on what we saw in 7 with his first-person gameplay and new character Ethen Winters. Although this time, it seeks to take it to a different standard with more open environments.

It looks like it will have a kind of open world environment on the same level as Dark Souls and God of War 2018. With what seems like a nice graphics update, the next Resident Evil will be something special. That doesn’t mean Capcom isn’t planning ahead for rumors that Resident Evil 9 has already been in development for 3 years.

Why such an early start?

Realistically, there could be two reasons why it could develop so early. The game could take place immediately after the eighth game. Making it feel like the two of you are developing together makes sense. Unfortunately this means that we could have a game with a suspense. The second could be that Game 9 is entering a massive new direction that takes a long time to develop.

Maybe go to a completely open world or switch from your FPS to something different again. This is why God of War 2018 took so long to launch due to the massive change from the previous one. It could be that Resident Evil is also going through this change in its ninth installment of the franchise.

When could we see Resident Evil 9?

It has been said that although this game has been in development since 2018, it is still looking for a release in 2024.

It could also be a bug, and the game will be released much earlier as there has been no confirmation of the game. Most likely it won’t happen for a while, as we don’t have the eighth game yet. We will also have to wait a while for something to be confirmed due to that fact.

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