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Resident Evil Village Review – Painting The Ghost Town Red



Not all monsters hide in the shadows. Ethan Winters discovers it within minutes of the layoff in this isolated village at the foot of a medieval castle. The sun has barely scorched the morning mist when voracious horrors and fangs attack it. The opening hour of Resident Evil Village sets an incredibly tense tone, mixing dark, atmospheric horror with roller coaster fights that leave Ethan an inch away from his life. And, like an ultramarathon runner, Village maintains that thrilling pace until its closing credits.

Ethan’s journey requires him to explore a dilapidated slum, blood-soaked wine cellars, and a spooky mansion littered with animated porcelain dolls. These places are the perfect backdrops for a series of blood-curdling encounters. My stomach turned as a warped baby-like mutation chased me through a dimly lit basement, and I had to stop and catch my breath after a heart-wrenching shootout with a growling truck-sized dog. . The environment of the village and the design of the enemy are superb, which makes it one of the scariest Resident Evil games to date.

Ethan slowly amasses the usual assortment of shotguns, pistols, and grenade launchers to combat this assortment of otherworldly horrors. The Village arsenal doesn’t have many surprises in store, but the overall shooter is more polished than what we had in its predecessor. Fleeing the slow village enemies isn’t difficult, but navigating their whirlwind of fangs is always a pleasure. Staying calm long enough to line up a series of headshots as these hordes weigh in on your position is the real challenge, and I walked away from most encounters with a rush of adrenaline. A handful of other opponents – like a meme mistress Lady Dimitrescu – relentlessly stalk Ethan throughout the game, much like Mr. X from RE 2. You never know when one of these villains will be walking around in a game. corner, which creates a palpable tension, but these sequences always end up resolving into an epic and grueling boss battle.

When I wasn’t fighting tooth and claw for my life, I would scan every room from floor to ceiling, looking for more ammo, healing items, and other valuable tools. Like previous Resident Evil games, the Village Map does a remarkable job communicating which rooms have been cleaned up and which still contain a few hidden treasures. However, some elements are better hidden than others. On the one hand, Village encouraged me to pour over its meticulously detailed surroundings with a fine comb; I enjoyed most of these scavenger hunts, and checking a coin on my map was always satisfactory. On the flip side, a few items remained stubbornly hidden even after several minutes of scrubbing, so trying to find every item in each room was getting a little tedious. Fortunately, even a cursory search in each room provides enough material to get you through the trials ahead.

Developing a keen eye for detail is also vital to solving Village’s few environmental puzzles. I love how these puzzles provide much needed tension relief, and most of the Village puzzles left me feeling smart. Unfortunately, some puzzle solutions are clouded by fuzzy logic. For example, I had to work my way through a puzzle that involved rotating statues because its clues were misleading. Even after I stumbled upon the solution, it still took me a while to work out the underlying logic. Fortunately, Village doesn’t throw out a lot of puzzles your way, and most of them are satisfactorily simple, so speedbumps are rare.

The Resident Evil Village tale is more compelling than I expected. Ethan is still a somewhat bland man, but his journey to save his daughter is full of wild characters and a handful of surprising moments. The Village story was never the main factor that pushed me forward, but I’m happy to see Capcom really put some thought into this world, and some of the endgame twists really got me going. excited to see where the series goes next.

Resident Evil Village is an impressive package. I loved the recent Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, but I’m excited to see Capcom pushing the series again. Village extends its Resident Evil 7: Biohazard approach to first-person combat, offering a series of white-punched encounters that perfectly complement Capcom’s bewildering environmental design. Fortunately, Village’s amplified action doesn’t lessen its horror. If anything, Village maintains a sense of dread that few games can match. If you’ve gotten the guts for intense terror, playing Resident Evil Village is a great way to check your pulse.

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