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Retro Gaming Corner: Comix Zone




Comix Zone is a game from the 1990s peak of Sega. Released in 1995 on the Sega for Genesis, Comix Zone is about a comic book artist named Sketch who is teleported into his world of comics. 

Comix Zone 

As you would expect, it’s a dangerous world with monsters and mutantsI mean, it’s based on 90s comics and has the art style to match the theme.  

Our boy Sketch isn’t going to be up her battling turtles and mutated mushrooms. Although I could see him battling lifeforms turned robots. That wouldn’t take me out of the game at all. 

The gameplay here is nothing special really. It’s a decent side-scrolling, linear beat ‘em up. Where Comix Zone shines is the art style and the approach of each stage moving through comic panels. 

Other than that, I can see why the game didn’t take off. You also have to consider that the comic book industry was on the downslope in the mid-late 90s. 

Image Comics was doing well but that was mainly because it was the most Xtreme 90s” of the publishers. It wasn’t an established company trying grow in the decade, it was a product of the decade. 

Comix Zone leaned more in that direct and was on a console that embraced that aesthetic. The game itself just couldn’t get the job done, unfortunately. If it did we probably would’ve seen a sequel. 

Reboot, Remake, or Recycle? 

With comics and comic book movies being more popular than they have been in decades with films, TV shows, and games I could see a reboot for Comix Zone. 

Actually, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a reboot for this game. It came out 25 years ago and would technically be a new franchise for Sega if they did a reboot. 

Now, I can see why there wasn’t a reboot. It wasn’t a hit for the Genesis and it’s probably chilling in the library collecting dust as an IP. That said, it has been re-released in Sega collections. 

I’d love to see Comix Zone get the Strider treatment. A new gameplay approach where it’s more Metroidvania—basically like Strider was—could work with the panel approach. 

Hell, a remaster would be cool as well but again, Duck Tales this game is not.  

Ultimately, Comix Zone didn’t generate enough value when it was released but there is potential there with the current trend towards comics and geek stuff. 

Potential: High 

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