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Rico Melquiades questions Sthe about Bil and aline



In the treehouse of “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV), at dawn today, Rico Melquiades searched for Sthe Matos to talk after a little beard exchange in the cabin organized by Valentina Francavilla with the pedestrians and warned the pedestrian to open his eyes with Bil Araújo.

I know there is friendship between man and woman. Of course there are and that’s okay, but do you think your husband (actually engaged) will be happy to see you preen Bil? If it was the other way around, Victor had preened a woman here, would you be like you outside? Only I know that there is nothing like it with you and him because I know you. I know there is a friendship between a woman and a man. I know all that. But, like, play, Stefane. Take out Bil’s leftovers because Bil won’t give you the prize “, said Rico Melquiades.

Sthefane Matos, in turn, explained that he was living the experience of “A Fazenda 2021” without letting anyone influence him in the game and cited the case of the controversy with Dayane Mello in the early days of confinement.

“Really, I’m just living it because I don’t really know how to play, not even that strategy thing. Outside when I told my family and friends that I had no idea what it was, everyone said “just be you”. Here I am, really, just being me. Like, like, I don’t have a vision. Now I am starting to care about things. Often times I find myself lost here, you know? she declared and added:

You might see it that way, but really, with my heart, I’m not playing nobody’s game here. I never talked about anyone’s vote here. I never let myself be influenced by anyone. For example, Day, I have said here several times that I like Day very much. When I got here, something happened to him.

“I heard about the finger. Is not it ? Rico asked. “That, I didn’t know her and I could use it here as a reason to vote. Afterwards, several people wanted to say that she was doing this in spite of herself, understood? She had done it because she didn’t. didn’t like it. When I arrived, there was already something strong on her side, but I didn’t want anyone’s opinion and I decided to live with it, “explained the young girl.

The digital influencer said she called Dayane to settle the score and made sure her vote for Aline Mineiro in the Fourth Farm roster was not part of a conspiracy.

I think the judgment is very wrong. We’ve never had this conversation here and you’re judging me for something you don’t know. man if i was heard [eles], I would hate her. What did I do? I called her and asked her if what she had done was for me or was it party time, as it’s okay to drink and go crazy. However, from the moment people started talking, I was curious that she could have done it because she didn’t like me and I went to ask her. I hear everyone talk about her a lot, but I can’t see what people are saying about her and fucking **. That’s what I feel. I go by my intuition.

“Dayane spoke about you live. They asked who was trustworthy. Then I said “Aline, Erika” and she said “Sthefane too”. “I like it a lot,” commented Sthe Matos. Rico then questioned his confinement colleague:

Have you been influenced to vote for Aline?

Sthe said again that the vote for Aline was even informed at peoa before the pitch was formed.

“No, by God. That’s why I say you misjudged me. When I spoke to Aline, I clearly said it was nothing for what Rico had done. Your choices are your choices. In my head, I would never judge her for supporting a friend because I would do the same. I don’t agree with that, however, if people think that, I can’t change my mind here, ”he revealed, and said Bil is, yes, his priority in the game. :

I have my priorities here, just like you have your priorities. Bil is my priority, Mileide comes first, there is also Dynho and I know these are people with whom you do not have good affinities.

“I respect. What I’m afraid is that you will be influenced,” Rico commented. “I am not. These people are the ones I really care about, ”explained the young girl.

Rico Melquiades then asked Sthe Matos to try to analyze Bil to see if the former “BBB 21” really likes him.

Here is a person who will win. Try to look at Bil through other eyes as well. Like, try to analyze it to see if its playing. I’m not saying it’s a bad person but trying to analyze it. I feel like he doesn’t like you, but I could be wrong.

“I don’t live in the shadow of him or anyone else. I’m really a little lost, but I don’t live in the shadow of anyone. I judge people on what they are for me and not for others, ”concluded Sthe Matos.

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Antonio Chahestian / Record TV


Antonio Chahestian / Record TV

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