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Roblox Jailbreak Patch Notes | Home & Furniture Update!



Developer Badimo adds regular updates to Roblox jailbreak, one of the Cops vs. Most popular robbers on the platform. Whether you’re new to the game or just need a place to keep track of the latest updates, tweaks, and more, you’ve found the right place.

Roblox Jailbreak Updates and Patch Notes

The latest update of Roblox jailbreak adds a nostalgic touch with the return of the orange skies and desert floor. Season 3: Looking Back reminds players of the game’s origins in 2017 with these items returned to the map. Additionally, players can purchase new houses and apartments for a short respite from the daily challenges of fighting / causing crime. Furniture can also be destroyed, which should help to do Leakage it feels more like a living world that breathes.

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Game updates

  • Slightly increase the maximum amount of cash in Vaults.
  • Two players opening a vault at the same time will cause the second player to arm himself and close the vault. The timer starts again. The possible solution could be to avoid arming if there is cash inside. [Thanks Username]
  • Avoid placing furniture over apartment doors.
  • ALL furniture must be destructible. Give them health.
  • Slightly reduces E’s cooldown on raids.
  • Allow the placement of wall elements inside the red skyscraper.


  • Increases the acceleration and top speed of the Volt 4×4
  • Re-center the mass of the Volt 4×4 to avoid some “UFOs” ing
  • Reduces turret damage a bit.
  • Add a wait between raids.
  • Expand a space in each garage for large vehicles like the Volt 4×4


  • Do not save the shadow settings in the gear menu, and by default it is on.
  • Update our Chat.
  • Add a [None] Gun skin option!
  • Remove / replace car brands.

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