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Roblox reached 202 Million Monthly Active Users in April 2021, an All-Time High



Roblox reached an all-time high of 202 million monthly active users (MAU) during April 2021. This estimate comes from Luke Shadwell at RTrack, an unofficial but reputable entity, in addition to Roblox business.

The Roblox The platform has benefited from an upward trajectory since December 2019. The company ended the year at 113 million MAU, which is believed to have benefited from the COVID-19 pandemic when children were forced to enter en masse to online video games for social interaction. By the end of 2020, Roblox reached 191 million MAU.

But in March 2021, Roblox saw his first steady fall. Despite going public on the US stock market and partnering with Hasbro on Nerf and Monopoly, this decrease raised doubts about the sustainability of the platform. Shadwell believed the drop was expected, attributing the 7 million drop to a short-term loss caused by the easing of pandemic restrictions. But Shadwell also said that, “in the long term, the prospects for Roblox to grow even beyond 200 million monthly active users look bright.”

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Despite the most massive drop in more than a year, Roblox bounced back. The platform ended in April 2021 at 202 million MAUs, an all-time high for Roblox. Of course, these figures are estimated by RTrack, a valuable tool for Roblox developers to keep track of analytics on their games and players, the most popular of which, Adopt me, broke the world record for concurrent players (1,920,887) in a Roblox game during the highly anticipated Ocean Egg update.

Image via RTrack

What does this historical record mean for the future of Roblox is unknown. The company continues to support its developers with platform-wide events like Metaverse Champions, a month-long competition created by developers. Roblox He also continues to collaborate with various pop songs. cultural links between film and television, such as the new Strange things event.

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