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Rodrigo Faro shows his daughter’s 4,000 reais reborn dolls and impresses



Presenter Rodrigo Faro joked and announced ‘the extended family’ with his daughter’s reborn dolls

The host Rodrigo Faro surprised fans this Tuesday afternoon (19) by sharing a photo with the caption: “Extended family”. In the image, he is shown holding two reborn dolls next to his wife Vera Viel, who in turn kisses the head of one of the toy babies.

For some unsuspecting subscribers, the post came as a surprise and many of them even praised Rodrigo Faro and the woman for the growth of the family. Other fans joined in on the presenter’s game and celebrated the couple’s “grandchildren”, in addition to explaining that they were super lifelike dolls. The farce of Faro also made presenters Renata Alves and André Marques laugh.

“Helena’s babies,” as reported by Vera Viel, who also showed details of the twin dolls on her social network, are from the couple’s youngest daughter, Helena, who is eight. Faro and Vera are also the parents of thirteen-year-old Maria and sixteen-year-old Clara.

Reborn dolls are handcrafted toys that impress by almost perfectly imitating real babies. Each doll is assembled piece by piece in a very delicate artistic process. They are made of vinyl or silicone to make every detail as realistic as possible, like nails, eyelashes and hair. One of the main characteristics of this type of toy is the texture of the skin, which reproduces all the folds so characteristic of babies. Even the weight of dolls is equal to that of real babies. Due to so many details, it may take weeks for each doll to be produced. The cost is also quite high, depending on the brand of toys for girls from Rodrigo Faro, each model costs around two thousand reais and comes with a keychain consisting of a suitcase, clothes and accessories for the dolls. As the presenter’s daughter has reborn twin dolls, they cost a total of four thousand reais!

Rodrigo Faro delighted to show off his daughter Helena's reborn dolls

Play Instagram Rodrigo Faro and Vera Viel with their daughter’s reborn dolls

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