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Rodrigo wins the Trial of the Angel; see who went to the monster · TV News



Rodrigo Mussi won the Prova do Anjo for the second time this Saturday (29) at BBB 22. The commercial manager won R$ 10 thousand and put Paulo André and Brunna Gonçalves in the punishment of the monster. Jade Picon, who was last placed in the dispute, was also punished. With that, the punished lost 300 stakes each; the digital influencer still lost her spot in the VIP.

The contestants of the race were decided by lottery. Only Slovenia Marques, Pedro Scooby and Laís Caldas were left out. The order of participation was also drawn.

In the dispute, the brothers needed to throw balls at giant tulips that were “planted” in a hole. Each flower represented a number of points, which varied between one and two, and the player added up as he hit the holes.

The race had five regular rounds and went to the knockout stage after Bárbara Heck and Rodrigo tied with seven points each. In the decision, the São Paulo got the better with three points; the gaúcha scored two.

The participant who added up the most points at the end of the rounds was the new angel. The last place was punished with the monster. As there was a tie between Vinícius Fernandes, Jade Picon and Natália Deodato, who scored two points each, the punishment was decided in the knockout stage, with Jade having the worst result.

Check below the order of participation and how many points each one added up:

  1. Rodrigo Mussi – 7 points; 3 in the knockout
  2. Naiara Azevedo – 3 points
  3. Arthur Aguiar – 4 points
  4. Lucas Bissoli – 6 points
  5. Linn da Quebrada – 3 points
  6. Mary – 3 points
  7. Vinicius Fernandes – 2 points; 2 in the knockout
  8. Brunna Goncalves – 5 points
  9. Paulo André – 5 points
  10. Jade Picon – 2 points; 0 in the knockout
  11. Douglas Silva – 5 points
  12. Eliezer Netto – 5 points
  13. Barbara Heck – 7 points; 1 in the knockout
  14. Natalia Deodato – 2 points; 1 in the knockout
  15. Jessilane Alves – 4 points

monster’s punishment

During the punishment, Brunna, Jade and Paulo André will have to dress up as an arcade; the ballerina being a car; and the influencer and the athlete, two fighters. When the signal sounds, the three must go to the base that will be placed on the lawn and stay there until the sound stops playing.

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