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Rogue Legacy 2 bumps into a short delay to August 18th



Indie developer Cellar Door Games shared the unfortunate news that their highly-anticipated sequel to one of the most popular rogue-lite games is not going to launch this month. The release of Rogue Legacy 2 had to be pushed some three weeks further to August 18th.

In a year when so many games have been hit with long and even multiple delays, learning that Rogue Legacy 2 is getting delayed not even an entire month is surprisingly positive news in a weird twist of event. While it would have been obviously nice to already play the game on its original launch date July 23rd, it’s not like we are being asked of too much patience.

We’ve run into a few setbacks and we aren’t quite ready to show it yet. We’re close though (which is why the delay is so short), we just need a bit more time to get it in a state that we’re truly proud to display. We know a lot of fans will be disappointed by the delay, and for that we apologize. Even in Early Access we don’t want to compromise the quality of the game, and we hope it shows when we make it to launch.

And in the grand scheme of things, what’s an added three weeks when fans of the first Rogue Legacy have already waited seven whole years for a sequel? The wait has some upsides, however. Apart from fixing bugs and delivering a more polished product, Rogue Legacy 2 will feature even more content than originally planned for its launch.

That’s just the start, too! The developers intended right from the start to bring their games to yearning players via Early Access. And thus, more content and improvements were already a given. This only emphasizes the approach to create the game in cooperation with the gaming community.

Rogue Legacy 2 is now slated to launch on August 18th on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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