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RRQ Xinnn Acknowledges Z4pnu’s Statement That PH Teams Are Stronger



One of RRQ Hoshi’s veteran Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) professional players Yesaya “Xinnn” Armando Wowiling shared his thoughts on the results of the 31st SEA Games MLBB event finals. The biannual event concluded with the Philippines (PH) representative dominating with a 3-1 score against the Indonesian (ID) team. Xinnn acknowledged how dominant the Philippines were in the 31st SEA Games, that too with two rookies who had recently debuted. The pro player also revealed his opinions regarding the pause issue that was protested during the event and Billy “Z4pnu” Jazha Alfonso’s controversial statement that Filipino teams could easily beat Indonesian teams in MLBB tournaments.

The Indonesian team did not live up to expectations, says RRQ Xinnn

Through a livesteam, Xinnn expressed that he was surprised with the results of the 31st SEA Games. The pro player admitted that the Philippines team’s decision to field the Blacklist International squad worked better than he expected considering it had two rookies who just debuted in the biannual event.

He added that the Sibol Blacklist squad worked like a family with “Wise as the husband [Danerie James Del Rosario], OhMyV33nus as the wife [Johnmar Villaluna], and Hadji as the son [Salic Alauya Imam]. The two of them [Lee “Owl” Howard Gonzales, Kyle “Dominic” Dominic Soto] are like stepchildren.” Xinnn did not mention the third rookie who debuted under the PH squad, Russel “Eyon” Aaron Usi who also put forth a promising performance in the tournament.

While the Indonesian teams delivered a stellar performance in the event, Xinnn stated that “I expected it to be 3-0 for Indonesia and it didn’t live up to expectations.”

RRQ Xinnn thinks the tournament pauses can’t be used as an excuse

The grand finals match during the 31st SEA Games MLBB event was met with controversy as the Indonesian squad protested that the Philippines team allegedly abused the pause requests to distract its opponents.

Xinnn stated that the constant pauses may have affected the ID team’s performance as it can ruin a player’s mood. However, he added that “it can’t be used as an excuse for the pause problem.”

The pro player also addressed the hot takes from Omega Esports’ Z4pnu which sparked an uproar in the MLBB community. With the results of the 31st SEA Games MLBB, Xinn thinks that “what Z4pnu said is true, the Filipino teams have the quality to beat the Indonesian MLBB team.”

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