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Sabrina Sato remembers her participation in a pompoarism show



Sabrina Sato stole the show during her participation in the GNT program “Que História É Essa, Porchat”. In addition to the flashy costumes, a green Saint Laurent coat, the presenter amused the guests and the audience by remembering when she was on a Pompoir show in Thailand. According to her, the story was not known to her family, not even her husband, Duda Nagle, was aware of the episode.

Sabrina Sato remembered an unusual episode during her trip to Thailand

Sabrina Sato remembered an unusual episode during her trip to Thailand

Photo: Reproduction / GNT

In the company of friends, Sabrina decided to closely follow the “Ping Pong Show” traction. “It was not possible for these women to do what they did and I could not hold back a pee. They drop darts, they smoke. They do everything and I needed to see (…) Woman who takes small flags of all the countries of the pepeca. And a force that they have, a control “, he recalled.

“One hour, a little guy started throwing balls at us, but he was playing c *, fury. He would turn around and do “pow”, “pow”, “pow”. I started making so many fuss that they called me to participate, ”he said with a laugh.

Sabrina received encouragement from makeup artist and friend Henrique Martins, and accepted
invitation to participate in the presentation. “I got on stage and stopped because I was alone. I started hearing a drumbeat and started getting excited and doing samba. When I looked to the side, it was a bunch of little Thais with a “batukan”, the giant beating on the drum. I thought, “God makes little things with giant instruments.

“People thought I was part of the show until they came over and drummed me (laughs). I participated. Sambei and hit the thing on the drum (laughs). Impressive ”, concluded.

Fabio Porchat shared the video of the presenter telling the story in his program and congratulated: “Ladies and gentlemen, with you, the incomparable Sabrina Sato.”

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