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São Paulo presses, but stays in the tie with Athletico and has an eye on the Z-4 ​​- 11/24/2021



The surroundings of the Morumbi stadium today (24) set the tone for the importance of the match that will take place there. With both 41 points in the standings, São Paulo and Athletico entered the pitch knowing that a win on either side would ease the fear of relegation and leave the rival in a tough spot. But 90 minutes later, what remained was concern on both sides. The 0-0 on the scoreboard leaves the two teams still lacking points in the last rounds of the Brazilian Championship to think calmly about next year.

São Paulo had the support of his fans since arriving at the stadium. With fireworks and flares, São Paulo residents warned the climate was decisive. And that’s how he was treated from the start of the game. Rogério Ceni’s side put a lot of pressure on Athletico in the first half and had clear chances to open the scoring. But it was in vain.

The pace throughout the game slowed down and Athletico showed little interest in taking risks. The goalless draw pleased Paraná more than São Paulo. The more than 43,000 fans filled Morumbi and let out boos after the final whistle. They returned home knowing they will have to continue supporting the team to avoid unprecedented relegation.

The result leaves São Paulo in 14th place with 42 points – Athletico has the same number, but is 12th because of the number of wins. The difference to the relegation zone is now five points, but Bahia, the first team of the match, has one more game to play.

Live from São Paulo

what’s coming now

São Paulo and Athletico are still in São Paulo for their next meetings. The Morumbi team receives Sport in its fields, Saturday (27), at 9:30 p.m. (GMT). The Paraná team visits the Corinthians a day later (28), at 4 p.m. (GMT).

It went well: Gabriel Sara

Gabriel Sara’s versatility continues to be one of São Paulo’s strengths this season. Chosen as a right-wing midfielder, the 21 shirt created the main moves for the team in the first half, always going attacking in an attempt to finish what he had started. In the second half, he was moved to the left wing, when Rogério Ceni decided to change the team’s tactical scheme. Once again, it was with him that São Paulo came out in an attempt to attack Athletico.

It was bad: Reinaldo

Ceni’s absolute title holder, the full-back performed rather poorly when mounted on offense. Behind, it almost posed a problem for the team by going strong on Renato Kayzer. The yellow card received risked turning red when consulting the VAR.

Rigoni and Sara set the pace in the first half, but São Paulo doesn’t score

São Paulo started with everything in the first half. Led by Gabriel Sara and Emiliano Rigoni on the right, Rogério Ceni’s team created four chances of danger in just 11 minutes of play. The goal was not out for a detail. In the clearest movement, Arboleda threw from the defense, Marquinhos won the dispute from above and the ball fell to Calleri, who played over for Rigoni. The Argentine made a slight detour and Santos defended him with his foot.

São Paulo’s danger games have almost always gone through Sara’s feet. Riding on the right side of the diamond formed by Rogério Ceni in the middle, the young man reversed the position with Rigoni and often appeared inside the area to complete the movements that started at his foot. So it was in the first minute of the match, when he launched Rigoni from the right and quickly darted into the box to try to take advantage of goalkeeper Santos’ rebound.

With his header in Montevideo, Athletico disappears in the first half

Four days after winning the Copa Sudamericana, Athletico did not appear to have turned the key to Brasileirão’s home stretch. The team was scattered, with many passing errors – only 59% of passes were correct in the first leg, compared to São Paulo’s 83%, who admittedly scored well, putting pressure on the attacking pitch .

Offensively, Alberto Valentin’s team did not exist. Athletico finished the first half without risking a single submission for Tiago Volpi’s goal. São Paulo gave 11 kicks towards Santos.

The pace was also slow to throw the ball. Also in the first half, goalkeeper Santos received a yellow card for executing too many free kicks and goals.

Reinaldo enters strong and Renato Kayzer leaves crying

Renato Kayzer, forward of Athletico, was hit by Reinaldo in the duel against São Paulo - Reproduction / TV Globo - Reproduction / TV Globo
Image: Playback / TV Globo

A 13-minute game in the first half could have changed the story of the game. São Paulo was better and was pressing for the goal when Reinaldo arrived late and stomped on Renato Kayzer’s ankle. Referee Leandro Pedro Vuaden gave the yellow card and, after waiting for the VAR analysis, upheld the decision.

If Reinaldo got rid of his premature departure from the pitch, it was not the same with Kayzer. With much pain at the point of play, he asked to be substituted 10 minutes later. Alberto Valentinim put Pedro Rocha in his place.

The Ceni changes its pattern in the second half of the year

Rogério Ceni avoided the risk of losing Reinaldo because of a second yellow card. Also at half-time, the coach replaced the left-back and took the opportunity to change São Paulo’s tactical scheme, with entries from Léo and Benítez, who took over from Marquinhos.

With the changes, Gabriel Sara left the middle position on the right to occupy the left wing. Behind, the defense was again formed by three defenders: Arboleda, Miranda and Léo.

The exchange did little to change the storyline of the game. São Paulo continued to be more incisive, but continued to show a lack of repertoire after passing the midfielder. The games when they weren’t built from the bottom, with Gabriel Sara giving the option, resulted in some safe crossings for the zone.

São Paulo’s game: intense rhythm at the beginning of time

Supported by just over 43,000 fans, São Paulo adopted a similar tactic in both periods. The first 15 minutes of each stage put a lot of pressure on Athletico. Most of the pieces were built in a rush from the sides, with Gabriel Sara being responsible for creating most of them.

Athletico’s game: fatigue and caution

Athletico went to Morumbi with little inclination to upset São Paulo. Alberto Valentim’s side waited as long as they could to start leaving for the game. Tiago Volpi’s first submission to the goal came just 10 minutes into the second half. In the last game, the team even tried to force counterattacks, but none were in danger.

Igor Vinícius reaches 100 matches for São Paulo

The game was important for right-back Igor Vinícius. In an irregular season, during which he constantly fought for position, Shirt 2 reached the 100-game mark for São Paulo.

On the pitch, the full-back played a safe game, with little involvement in attacking, but without compromising on defense. With 38 minutes into the second half, he was replaced by Orejuela.


Raison: 34th round of the Brasileirão
Date and time: November 24, 2021 at 9:30 p.m. (Brasilia time)
Local: Morumbi Stadium (SP)
Public: 43,491 people
Returned: BRL 1,099,010.00
Arbitrator: Leandro Pedro Vuaden (RS)
Assistants: Jorge Eduardo Bernardi and Jose Eduardo Calza (both RS)
VAR: Daniel Nobre Bins (RS)
Yellow cards: Reinaldo and Calleri, for São Paulo; Santos, by Athletic
Red cards:

SÃO PAULO: Volpi; Igor Vinícius (Orejuela), Arboleda, Miranda, Reinaldo (Léo); Rodrigo Nestor (Vitor Bueno), Igor Gomes, Gabriel Sara, Marquinhos (Benítez); Rigoni and Calleri (Pablo). Technician: Rogério Ceni.

ATHLETIC: Santos, Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno, Nico Hernandez; Marcinho, Erick, Cittadini, Abner; Nikão, Terans and Kayzer. Technician: Alberto Valentinim.

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