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SBMM Warzone returns as WZ Stats following Activision intervention



In late March, Activision closed SBMM Warzone. SBMM Warzone was a popular War zone Statistics tracker used by the community to measure the difficulties of their lobbyists. However, Activision disagreed with the site and ordered it to shut down or face legal action. Just over a month later, SBMM Warzone has returned under a new name, now known as WZ Stats.

According to WZ Stats, an attempt was made to negotiate with Activision “multiple times.” Unfortunately, the AAA editor did not respond either directly or through the attorneys at SBMM Warzone. At this point, the site owners feel that they have done their best to show their willingness to cooperate and have therefore reopened SBMM Warzone under the new title.

Why the brand change?

The name means more than just a change of identity. Previously, SBMM Warzone allowed players to track the overall level of the lobbies they played in. Although the system was unofficial, many players began using SBMM Warzone terminology to refer to the skill level of each lobby.

These ranks were divided into various levels of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. This helped players figure out how skill-based matchmaking worked and what kind of impact it had on each player. This is the feature that Activision primarily struggled with.

Wz Stats Sbmm Warzone Home Page

The SBMM Warzone home page now displays this message when accessed.

The new brand WZ Stats will not offer this feature. Instead, it will function as a simple stat tracker, providing important information such as a lobby’s average K / D and the total damage each player achieved.

Like SBMM Warzone, the new site has a premium subscription service that offers several additional features. According to a post in your official Twitter, Activision did not mention this as one of the reasons why SBMM Warzone was removed. However, if the publisher checks this, then he is “quite open” to adapting his business model.

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