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SBT employee hits a kick in the angle, wins R$ 100 thousand from Ratinho and decides to share it with a colleague



Those who watched the “Programa do Ratinho” last Tuesday night were certainly thrilled with Antônio Soares, popularly known among co-workers as Tonhão. SBT employee since 1995 won R$100,000 from the presenter for hitting, at first, a kick in the angle and making a great goal during participation in the “Gol Show”.

Tonhão even decided to share the prize with his colleague Michael de Alencar Canine, an outsourced electromechanical engineer, who, earlier, before the program aired live, also hit the right angle.

– We were setting up the Gol Show scenery and as we finished early, we had the opportunity to play there a little. Amazingly, at that time, I and another colleague hit the target in one of several attempts – recalled Tonhão.

– They said they would call us on the show. As I would be the first, I agreed with my colleague that if one of us scored, we would share the prize. That is what happened. I looked at the goal, kicked and asked God. Looks like he took the ball to the hole. It was pure emotion – he added.

Tonhão says that the 50 thousand reais will be very welcome, but that what will be most marked in his memory is the celebration with friends and the words of Ratinho.

– I was very happy to have won and shared this award with him, it will help me a lot. But, what will be most marked in my memory is the reaction of my friends, Ratinho and everyone on the show with me,” he said.

– Mouse’s words, for me, will be kept for the rest of my life. I’ve been at SBT since 1995, last month I completed 27 years working in the machinery, 11 of which at Ratinho, in addition to other studios. I have many friends here, and that is my greatest joy – he concluded.

Joel Santana was at the attraction to interact with Ratinho and the guests who participated in the game “Canhão”, where each one has the right to shout “goal” three times. Under the goal, a goalkeeper tries to prevent the ball from entering. In the end, whoever hits the net more often, takes home R$5,000.

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