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Scout, Mayavi Issue Clarification on Comments About Global Esports BGMI Players



While playing recently on Erangel, Team XSpark and Global Esports faced each other in an intense drop clash which resulted in yet another controversial moment for Tanmay “Scout” Singh as he hurled a few abuses at GE players in the heat of the moment.

This was followed by a lot of hate being faced by the entire Global Esports BGMI lineup, forcing Scout to come forward and make a statement from his side to provide clarification on the situation and help resolve the matter.

Soon after Subham “Mayavi” Chawla – BGMI Analyst for Global Esports, also stepped up to talk about the ordeal openly on his personal stream. He provided further clarity on the issue from their side and helped resolve the whole situation in an amicable manner.

Scout and Mayavi resolve the issue involving Global Esports BGMI team getting abused

The drop clash between the two BGMI teams on Erangel turned into quite a scene outside of the match, requiring Scout and Mayavi to provide clarifications from their sides in order to bring the issue under control.

During the skirmish, the fight lasted longer than expected with Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh taking a call for his side to fall back, as both teams had exchanged knocks losing a player each. However, Scout wanted to continue fighting as both teams were facing a 3v3 situation and he felt that it favored them more.

Mavi was determined on making it out of ‘Water Town’ and was thinking about the game they had to play ahead, but Scout kept questioning his decision as he was hard set on settling the score.

This is when GE approached them head-on to continue the fight, but it turned out to be disastrous for them as they lost the duel pretty quickly. However, they were able to inflict some damage as Scout had been taken down during the quick exchange, and in the heat of the moment Scout ended up abusing all BGMI players on the GE roster.

Speaking on the situation after the game during a personal stream, Scout says “Guys just chill, it was just an ‘in the heat of the moment’ situation. I was triggered and it all came out on GE, just chill we are all friends. I met all of them during the LAN (NODWIN Loco All Stars Invitational). There is even a player on that team who is my really really old friend. So just relax and don’t take any unnecessary stress, please!”

This was followed by a statement from Mayavi on his stream, who speaking on a personal level said “All the people who are unnecessarily writing about Scout in the chat, I have told you guys before as well that a team’s behavior towards my team or vice-versa should not affect me personally. I have my own personal bond with scout since a long time and it will always continue to remain like this, irrespective of whatever he said or however he said it.”

He went on to reveal that within 2 to 3 minutes of the incident Scout and Mayavi had spoken on the call, sorting out everything between them.

“It is not like this is happening for the first time, and it is not like only Scout has done it. Even we have game raged, it happens and it is totally cool. The best thing is that we spoke about it immediately after and now it’s all fine,” added Mayavi.

The controversy has been put to rest as clarifications came forth from both sides, the issue seems to be in the past with both sides having moved on from it.

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