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‘Secret Truths 2’ Premiere: See Before and After Casting



In the first season, angel she even seduced the post with her helpless girl face. The wicks have been plucked at the ends, natural, without chemicals. This time, the model returns even more provocative with the hair a little shorter and straighter. Her rival, Giovanna, as Agatha Moreira, left Morenice aside and returns with a hard-hitting platinum short!

There is something for every style, from colorful to side shaved, bangs and peaks, with voluminous curls, chanel blonde, red and much more… It’s a trendy outlet that speaks volumes, right?

Keep an eye on the plot and check out the main changes! ??

?? Agatha Moreira took eight hours to platinize the wires
‘Secret Truths 2’: Giovanna’s profile before and after Alex’s death

?? Everything we know about Cristiano, character of Romulo Estrela

?? Rainer Cadete reveals how he keeps his new hair hydrated and jokes: “Wherever I go, there’s a blue trail”

?? Find out who Joseph is, character of Ícaro Silva

?? Meet the Portuguese actress and director Maria de Medeiros, the all-powerful new model agency “Verdades Secretas 2”

?? Understanding the drama of Laila, character of Erika Januza

?? Gabriel Braga Nunes and Sergio Guizé enter “Verdades Secretas 2”; meet the characters!

??Jonathan Azevedo changes his look to star in ‘Secret Truths 2’

🔥🔥🔥 Deborah Evelyn Talks About Hot Scenes From Secret Truths 2 ’

Also listen 🎧 Rainer Cadete tells you all about Visky!

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