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“Pantanal” arrives this week at chapter 100 and, among the many plot twists, the transformation of Maria Bruaca (Isabel Texeira) stands out — the character, who at the beginning of the plot was 100% devoted to her husband who barely left the house, discovered that he had another family for decades and also began to have relationships outside of marriage, with the farm workers — first Levi (Leandro Lima) and now Alcides (Juliano Cazarré), with whom he stars in sex scenes with hints of humor.

This morning, “Mary Bru”, as she is affectionately called by the public, was among the most talked about topics on Twitter because, in yesterday’s episode, she played charm for three new pawns: Trindade (Gabriel Sater), Zé Lucas (Irandhir Santos ) and Tiberius (Guito).

The audience, as usual, went wild:

Review this and other unforgettable scenes of the character:

Zé Leoncio’s pawns

When she came face to face with Trindade, Tibério and Zé Lucas, Maria didn’t skimp on the pleasantries: she served coffee, cake and praise to the three, wanting to know who was single, who played the guitar. “Mercy, what a man,” she blurted out, after they left.

“Bruaca is your mother”

After discovering that she had been cheated on for decades, Bruaca began to turn the key and be bothered by some of her husband’s behaviors that were repeated throughout their marriage – including being called Bruaca.

“It’s forgiven”

The first kiss with Alcides, her romantic partner and partner in hot scenes, but with a good touch of humor, was innocent: a peck, a little shy, after a sincere compliment.

“Respect Buckle”

The most commented scene of the character so far was when, during a walk with Alcides, still in the flirtation phase, Maria confused the “belt buckle with a weapon. “Respect buckle”, he praised.

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