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Selling Sunset Star Maya Vander Opens Up About Her Stillbirth, Says She Has No Clue Now



Selling Sunset star, Maya Vander, revealed on December 10 that she had a stillbirth–38weeks into pregnancy. “I had a stillbirth at 38 weeks. I always heard of it but never imagined I’ll be part of the statistics. Instead of delivering a baby, I get to go home with a memory box.” The Netflix Tv personality posted on Instagram.

Maya Vander Shares That She Was Pregnant And It Might Air On Selling Sunset

Vander explained that the reason why she thought to share it was because her pregnancy was shared on the show; and also, she would like to “avoid ‘when is your due date?’ questions.” Vander also mentioned that a baby shower was filmed for her in the 5th season of Selling Sunset-although she isn’t sure if it will be cut out during editing or not- which will be released soon so she can not hide that she had a baby.

Maya Vander Opens Up About Her Stillbirth, Says She Has No Clue Now

Speaking on what happens after, Vander said she and her family have decided to perform an autopsy to know what caused Mason’s death. They also planned a funeral, because they want a place where they can go to grieve. “A week ago, I was still pregnant and excited, two weeks away from my due date and now I’m literally planning a funeral.”

Vander says. She also mentioned that she’s hoping to find a support group and join, and she and her husband, David Miller, would most likely go to therapy together.

Maya Shares How Her Other Kids Are Reacting To The Sad News

The other children of Vander and Miller are still too young to fully understand—Aiden who is 2 and Elle, 19 months old. Vander explained that they explained to them, and what Aiden does is to tell his parents, “Don’t be sad Mommy” when he sees them crying. But she said she will let them know they had a brother once they are old enough to understand.

Vander also revealed that she was grateful for the support that she has received, and messages from people who knew what she was experiencing. She also mentioned that she has no clue where she will be in a couple months as she had made plans in preparation of Mason’s birth.

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