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Senate approves bill to create gas vouchers for the poorest



ROMEO CAMPOS / FUTURA PRESS / ESTADÃO CONTENTGas cylinders already cost over R $ 100 in some Brazilian states

O Senate approved by a large majority (76 votes for and one against) the bill creating a voucher for cooking gas for the poorest, called the Gas Program for Brazilians, which will be permanent. The intention is to finance it from dividends paid by Petrobras to the Union and other income derived from the production of Oil. The text provides that the federal government transfers directly to low-income families an amount varying between 50% and 100% of the price of the bottle, depending on income and the region of the country, every two months. The measure could benefit 20 million families, according to congressional estimates. Now the proposal returns to the House, as amended in the Senate by rapporteur Marcelo Castro (MDB-PI).

The main change that Castro made concerns the form of funding. Previously, the project provided for the levy of the Contribution d’Intervention dans le Domaine Economique (Cide) on the gas itself, currently zeroed, as a means of obtaining the resources. Now the money will come from Petrobras dividends to the Union, bonuses for signing auctions, royalties and special participation in oil exploration. The senator calculates that the program should cost between R $ 5 billion and R $ 6 billion, taking into account the value of the cylinder at R $ 100. The proposal provides that low-income families registered in the Cadastro Único (CadÚnico) will be entitled to the gas voucher. ) of the Ministry of Citizenship, which is the base of Bolsa Família, and the elderly and disabled who receive the continuous cash benefit (BPC). It will still be necessary to regulate the way in which the program will be operationalized and the amounts distributed.

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